390 Congress St
Portland, ME 04101

Will return.

This restaurant is at the Press Hotel – if you like old typewriters which it has many in their lobby, then do make a bathroom trip.

The decoration of the restaurant is simple and woody. The serving staff are efficient and professional. They serve their oysters with cocktail pearls – nice touch. The scallops entree is heavenly good: succulent, lively and tasty, it’s bit salty but you still can taste the sweetness. The Bangs Island mussels (house green curry, lemongrass, lime leaf, chili – oh my … ) is served with a warm baguette – oui – is excellent too. Both entrees are on the salty side, which fit my palate, -:)

When we ask for bill, are told is paid for it. The restaurant is relatively empty because we got there a little after 5. When we press the staff, does he reveal is the next table, with two ladies. After a little debate, I walk over and thanked them. The younger one is a little surprised but the older lady said, “you’re welcome. I never forget a beautiful face… have we met somewhere?”

She does look like a relative I had, grandaunt Lucy. Although Lucy was Chinese but their similarity lie in the way they present themselves: starting from nicely coiffed hair down to matching earrings, not to mention the makeup.

On the second thought, she does look like my editor and a good friend Lynda. But I don’t think we’ve met and I told her so. Maybe we’ve met but I’m senile …

In any case, thank you lady, you made my day. Hope we’ll meet one day, somewhere.


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