Cruising in the Chinese waters

It’s not easy, apparently. NCL’s Norwegian Joy leaves China in 2018 诺唯真退出中国市场… Here are some reports on the cruises in China.

  • 2019.7.11, scmp: Chinese tourist-led cruise ship boom sails into troubled environmental waters
  • 2019.6.10, Wired Forget the Bahamas. China’s Cruises Are Where It’s At
  • 2019.6.08, Economist: What slumping demand for cruises says about Chinese tourists
  • 2018, skift: Norwegian cruise line is moving its built for China ship to the us
  • 2018.10.25, Market Screener: NCL leaves China
  • 2018.10.10, 诺唯真退出中国市场
  • 2018.7.18, Travel Weekly: Built for China the Norwegian Joy is headed elsewhere
  • 2018.3.30, scmp: Angry Chinese tourists stage another noisy ‘patriotic’ protest after fog forces cruise ship to stay in port
  • 2016.1.26, LAT, U.S. cruise lines look for growth in China’s waters

One Chinese tourist on board NCL made the following observations:

  • Too cheap 两三千就可以住海景房或阳台房。三四晚的住宿.. “1949元起” 这个价
  • 船上的员工多达1800人,来自46个国家,为近5000名游客提供全方位的服务
  • 在5天的航程里,消耗约60吨肉类及禽类,20.5吨鱼类,7吨西瓜、1吨香蕉、11吨土豆、5万2千个鸡蛋以及750加仑牛奶……60吨!我的天!别的诺唯真船上消耗是多少?记得陈小姐当时闪烁其词:大概十几吨吧。

The local group’s cruise 世纪荣耀 Century Glory since 2019, how will it fare?

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