Arundel Wharf Restaurant

43 Ocean Ave
Kennebunkport, ME 04046

Will return.

The restaurant is on a wharf that served as chandlery in her previous life. It has indoor dining section which opens after 5 pm and outdoor which is on the Kennebunk River, is where we’ve our lunch.

We were treated to a world class ballerina‘s performance. Thank you 🙂

The reception lady is bit stern but efficient. She helps out to clean tables. A good team player with cold demeanor.

The deck is on the narrow Kennebunk River that’s filled with boats. A sailing school shares the parking lot with the restaurant. Boats, canoes and kayaks go by constantly.

The service is good so is the food. My Riesling is on the sweet side; fried calamari has a few pickled Greek pepper which is an excellent addition. Salad feels old. Avocado lobster is very good. An enjoyable lunch in a tranquil setting.

The restaurant is a few steps from the downtown. It’s our first time to #41’s home turf and are surprised at the hustle and bustle of their downtown, which isn’t exactly small given to the 3,474 population (2010 census). People milling on the street are decidedly older (so are the diners …). Later we saw a big group of tour buses (coaches) parked discretely by the Shack – wondering if they’re retirees from some organizations – which may explain the over crowding …

Another restaurant Alisson’s which is in the town square, with 575 ratings (this one has 127) but we liked our choice.


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