It’s my first time taking Delta to China. It offers direct flight from JFK to Shanghai (14:50). There are stopovers from JFK to PEK. My experience is both good and not too good.

A little jarring to see Elizabeth Holmes and Beethoven being side by side. They both were genius… 

The goodies: It’s inexpensive, especially when using my mileage. The food is pretty good: their  shrimp cocktail has the biggest shrimp in the sky. The service is very efficient. The wifi works for a little while then it disappears.

The bad: the entertainment screen is small and hard to use (the touch isn’t sensitive). They almost lost my two checked in luggage.

The lady who sat in my row from JFK to Seattle, asked me if I’m going home.

“Oh, no. I’m going to meet my DNA cousin.” I said.

Her eyes lights up and she grabs my hand tight, “I came to New York to meet my mother and siblings – I found them through DNA too.”

We hug and cry … and talk non stop.

As the door is closing, a young man came by our row, and sits down between us… and says politely, “please continue … Very interesting … I’m a documentary maker.”

On my way back home from Beijing, I ran into the same flight attendant who asks, “Where’s your companion?” She thought we were traveling together.

A small world, indeed.


Finding Nemo

小插曲 去西雅图的路上我旁边的女生坐下后客气的问俺是不是回家. 

俺 “不是喔 … 是去见基因找到的亲戚.”

她眼睛瞪得大大的 抓住我的手说 “我来纽约是见我基因找到的妈妈和姐妹…”

我们二个 哭做一团 笑在一起 … 记不清她是怎么找到家人的.

在飞机就要关门了 一小鲜肉气喘吁吁的坐下 在我们中间… 然后说 “妳们继续聊.” 停顿一下说 “我挺感兴趣的 我是拍纪录片的.”

下飞机时 他们告诉其他乘客 “让她先下 她去见家人…”

大家倒真是让俺先下了 …

回家的路上 从北京起飞又碰上了同一个空姐, 问 “你的同伴哪?” 


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