Xinhua Bookstore 西四新华书店

55 Xisi North Blvd. next to Guangji Temple
西四北大街255号 (广济寺旁)
Xisi, Beijing

This bookstore is called Corner Building 西四街楼 (also called 皇城警卫楼) is in a landmark building at the corners of … The two 2-story buildings were built in 1894 to celebrate Cixi’s 60th birthday. However, she had to scale down the party within the Forbidden City because Japan had invaded China. The bookstore is on the northwest corner 西北角 and a bank is on the northeast corner of Xisi Blvd., which was, however, demolished in the 1980s.

… and the Xisi N Blvd up till Dahong Luochang Street 大红罗厂街.

Old Beijing Hutong Post Office 老北京胡同邮局

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