Tianjin Museum 天津博物馆

62 Pingjiang Rd, Hexi
Tianjin, China

It was opened in 2008 within the Tianjin Cultural Center 天津市文化中心, which is centered on a man made pound. The locals aren’t too happy about the project because they took away a youth activity center or playground. 

The museum has 金石书香沁后人 周叔弢捐献文物与古籍特展 exhibit since Sept 29, displaying the rare books and collectibles donated by Zhou Shutao. Zhou was an able entrepreneur and top rare book collector in the country. Over the years, he had donated portion of his holdings to this museum and National Library in Beijing.  The past Zhou’s exhibits and lectures at TJ Museum:

The compound is large. An event was about to take place there. The admission to the museum is free but need ID card.


Afterward, we went to Zhou Xuexi’s former home

According to zh wiki, 天津市文化中心,是位于中国天津市河西区的市级行政文化中心。天津市文化中心四至范围为友谊路以东、隆昌路以西、乐园道以南、平江道以北的整个区域,总占地面积约90万平米。天津市文化中心的项目包括天津图书馆、天津博物馆、天津美术馆、天津大剧院、天津青少年活动中心、天津银河购物中心等。原有场馆有天津博物馆、中华剧院、天津科技馆。其中,原天津博物馆将改为天津自然博物馆的新馆址。天津市文化中心已于2011年陆续封顶,于2012年5月投入使用

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