Huaxin Park 华新公园

Lubei District
Tangshan, China

Huaxin Park was the next stop after lunch. It’s the namesake textile factory Zhou Xuexi founded in 1918, on the eastern side of the Tanghe River. We crossed the Steel Bridge (Beixin E Road) to there and left on the Huaxin Bridge to the train station.

The ‘park’ isn’t much of a park but a tiny crescent land on Huaxin E Road on the southern side. Perhaps, it’s spared by the developer. The main compound (Tanghe River across), Steel Town’s Spring City 钢城春邑 is encircled by high fence, which forbid visitors. The tall buildings can be seen easily. The Sales Center is prominent displayed.

Google Huaxin Park, two areas show up: on the north and south. To the SE corner, is Jinjiang Inn 锦江之星唐山新华道酒店 on 1 Xinhua E Road 新华东道1号.


The Huaxin Bridge (Qixin Motorway Interchange): the left is taken on Oct 10, 2019 and right on Jan 18, 2020. The change is due to shabby workmanship.

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