Beethoven’s 6th & 7th

Carnegie Hall, New York

Many people say his odd numbered symphonies are better than the even numbered. However, pastoral is my favored since day one. Oddly enough one of my dream trips was playing the 6th on a drive in a Jaguar from Paris to Bordeaux.

This ORR (Orchestra Revolutionnaire et Romantique) sucks. French horn is known to be difficult to operate but flute is relative easy but this time, sour notes are produced by the flute.
Every time I left, would think, gosh this is my late time (think of thick paints … how many layers by now?) … But with weak self control, especially seeing the full cycle of Beethoven’s nine symphonies, couldn’t help but return.

During the intermission, two Asian families came. One sat behind me with two disruptive toddlers who whined and kicked. The other to my left, a girl about ten who flipped her book very loud. The management said, they can NOT refuse anyone to come, even it’s an infant. NYC owns the building. Oh boy. My comp concert the following week.

It’s a full house and the audience gave them a warm applause at the end – I’m wondering what’s the percentage here is for the composer.
ORR’s play wasn’t too clean.

贝爷多芬的六和七 好点没得比
明天是 八和九

每当我离开卡内基音乐厅时,都会想,这真是我最后一次了. 但是自我控制能力很弱,尤其是看到贝多芬的九首交响曲 忍不住回来了.

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