The grocers

96 Bond Street
Westbury, NY

Recently, on the face of the corona virus, many grocers in New York are offering pick up or delivery. I went to one this morning. The group was formed yesterday by a distributor. They provide a shopping list and you tick off the items and quantities. Picking it up at an allotted time with 15 min window. It suits me perfectly. I back in and the lady loaded my stuff, within 12 minutes.

Padding up my resume [偷笑]

车退进库房 … 上卸货

最近我们周围有很多好心人. 成立食品供应群. 谢谢亲 拉俺!

下单后 得到帐单和第二天去取的时间
倒车 开后车厢 上货. 唯一不方便是还不能转帐 (他们昨天才刚刚开始)要现金

这对俺 没有口罩族是非常方便

在美国扫货 口罩

Then I headed off to Trader Joe’s. Unfortunately, the outdoor line was so long, it bent over to my right, which is Old Navy.

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