Flushing, 2020

This year, 2020, is dominated by covid-19 pandemic. Although I don’t know anyone who has it but few did get laid off as the economy worsened.

I don’t go to Flushing as often, maybe every other month. Three of my go-to eateries on Main Street, a restaurant, one makes chive pancakes and one meat buns are replaced.

  1. Chaozhou (?) 潮州 became Xing Fu Tang 幸福堂 Happy House.
  2. Tianjin Pancake 天津馅饼 became Wenzhou Chicken 温州熏鸡
  3. Meat-buns 肉包子 in the old Golden Market, is under renovation.


From Prince Street to 40th Road. I got a few chive pancakes from Corner 28 (a separate vendor) and the quality is poor, cost 25% more at $2 each.


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