Bizhonghai 碧中海

10.6357.7777; 10.8354.8888

Good: buffet, restaurant, decor,

This one is my favored. It doesn’t have the water fall but the entire club feels right and spacious, nicely proportioned. More pix on FB

¥138 entrance fee, 18 hours cycle.

Meals served:

After tennis at Keda, and long wait for a cab, we decided to go. The cab driver wasn’t too happy because he had to make an U turn. What’s the bit deal that you have to make an U turn? Beijing cab drivers are selective and getting a cab is a trip!
We passed by this one the other night from YiHai. I didn’t know the dinner time is only served to 9pm. After shower, it was 8:50. When we got to the dining hall, it’s very empty with about 5 diners. The attendants were very helpful and eager, asking what would we like and bring them to our table. The buffet was mostly gone but judging from the left overs, they are good. We took a table over looking the South Second Ring 南二环. The decor of the dining hall is very comfortable and feeling clean. The seats are generous. We sat there, chatting and eating, till almost 10pm, in peace.

Their karaoke was lively and popular.

Afterward, as usual, we tour the premises. The layout is spacious and sensible. The scrub is ¥48 for 45 min, 足疗 foot massage is ¥139 for 70 minutes. Room range from ¥188-¥1888. I found a condom match stood silently out side of one conference room. ¥5 each. Guess free condom days were long gone.

All the bath houses we visited, although some were dingy but none was sleazy. The massage attendants that work in the common area, some are young and some are old. Customers can choose to have the service in the open area or private. Few times, as we were touring, I saw young girl giving massage in private room, with the door wide open.

The above two pix are from their pomotional booklet. The left one read:”Noble and graceful vip club reception lobby 高贵典雅的会馆大堂” and the right one read:”East Lndian Style JINGE restaurant 充满东南亚风情的 金阁食府”. Some one didn’t proof read it carefully.


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