Victorian Home 老洋房


Victorian Home Garden Restaurant 上海老洋房 (lao yangfang)
No 27 ShaoXing Road, 绍兴路 27号 (one way street, from 陕西南路 South Shaanxi Lu );
Phone: 21.6433.1010; 6433.3506

I discovered this Laoyangfang as I was exiting the Old China Hand Reading Room next door, also using the 27 ShaoXing Road. This garden house was built by the prominent Shanghai gangster Du Yuensheng 杜月笙 for his fourth wife, an opera singer. Du was famous for his mild manner and passion for opera, among few other notable characters.


When Yishi called to make a reservation, she was told it’s fully booked. I liked it so Pump and I went there at 5:30. The manager said,
“Oh, I only one table, it might be too small, why don’t you take a look?”
It’s a corner table, looking out to the deck and gold fish, with four settings. Guess it’s ok for three, no?
上海本帮菜 .. means causal meal, but now many people enjoy it to a point, it became a cuisine. I don’t like Shanghai cooking for it’s too oily and sweet. But I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner there, small portion and good presentation, and yes, they’re delicious.

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