Gulangyu 鼓浪屿

Drum Wave Islet 鼓浪屿

张杨路 1649-99 Zhangyang Road
浦东 Pudong District of Shanghai.
021.6230.9999; 5885.8805

Good: free beer, hot pot, soft PJ
Bad: no bath towel, stingy with hand towels

Entrance fee ¥79 that includes sauna/shower and dinner only, 5:30pm-8:30pm. They charge overnight fee ¥20. Rooms are from ¥158 (sleeps 2) to ¥688 (sleeps 4). From Sunday to Thursday, 50% off on the ¥288, ¥388 and ¥688 type of rooms. They call foot rub as 足道 (as 足疗 in other places), ¥98 for 70 min or ¥68 for 45 minutes.

No bath towels, make ado with hand towels, and even with that, the attendants were stingy about handing them out. I don’t need greeters at door and being greeted at every corner. Just some decent service.

男宾止步 translates to Stop Man; attendants’ undies hang in the bathroom

The dining room is dingy. They only light up the front area that’s near the buffet table due lack of customer. When dinners begin to light up their cigarette I complained. The manger told me
“It’s no use, they (the smokers) won’t listen.”

The sign I mistaken for as No Smoking

Well, you’re the manager, you TELL them not to smoke. I pointed to the No Smoking sign I thought it was.
“I can’t do THAT, the consumers have their right.” The manager barked back at me.
Ya, right. BUT am I a consumer too, AM I NOT?!
The manager left without a word.
Sullenly, I walked back to the table. What’s funny? Upon closer inspection, the dinning room’s sign that I mistaken for No Smoking, is actually No Fireworks. Why anyone wants to light up firework in a restaurant is, well, really beyond me.


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