Qinghua Chi 清华池

北京市宣武区虎坊路4号 Xuanwu District, 4 Hufang Qiao Road
010.6303.2224, 6354.6663

Breakfast 7am-9am
Lunch 12noon-1pm
Dinner 6pm-8pm
Midnight 11pm-12am

This is an old name establishment since 1905. Like this picture depicted, it is really a foot treatment place than a bath house, although it does offer the bath but it felt as the second thought. They don’t offer private rooms, common lounging area only which is free.

We were really disappointed, my fault since I didn’t do any homework, like asking around. The entrance fee was ¥109. We were the only ones in there one weekday afternoon, having missed their lunch which’s from 12-1pm. The locker room was small, the shower room was cold. The clerk did turn on the steam room but it took too long to be warm, so I didn’t use it. At the make up counter, I found this hair spray, perhaps it’s Hair cream instead of the Hiarcrea? It beats me: why do the products sell in China need English to begin with?
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