Two scams

Scam I

My cousin (a smart one no less who went to Thousand Island 千岛湖 in early 1980s and has villa in the country ..) received a call.
“Guess who I’m.” The man asked.
My cousin didn’t know.
“我姓吴 Wu.”
Cousin thought he’s one of our uncle.
“I’m in a little trouble in shijiazhiang, need ¥3,000.”
My cousin ¥3,000 immediately.
A little while later, the man called again.
“It’s a little short, can u pls send ¥30,000.”
Did then my cousin grow suspicious and called another uncle to confirm .. the second uncle said the Wu uncle isn’t in China at the time at all.

However, my cousin didn’t report to the police: it’s a face losing proposition. The police would come and the neighbors would know ..

Scam II:

One of my uncle’s kitchen exhaust over the stove was kaput. He called someone to repair it. The young man came and did repair but suggested that Yifu to replace the exhaust 抽油烟机 before he left. He pointed to the sticker on the machine and said call them. My uncle dutifully called. Another young man came, installed a new machine, for ¥3,000. It usually coast around ¥1,200. The sticker was put on the old machine by the first guy.

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