Apr 10 2018

A day in Nanjing 一日游

What a day!

A glorious sunny Tuesday. An hour ride from Shanghai is super cool. But the nightmare begins from me getting my tickets: wrong name – my cousin purchased it under my Chinese name.

忙忙碌碌的一天,从买错票(名字错了)开始. 上海-南京的火车G360 是直达,1:08 分钟(还有最短的一小时整)存了行李杀进村. 江南贡院和博物馆超好. 以为可以找到五世祖刘进士 结果找到五世祖周. 明远书房的茶牛.
总统府需要身份证才可以买票. (又不是去寄竞选 要什么🆔呀?!)幸好俺带了… 小皇表哥的爸爸生在煦园所以名煦良.
长长的一天结束在去错站 (由于改票 火车从不同的站出发…)俺就要顶不顺了 😜 几天不出错俺就不舒服是的.
[愉快]亮点:带了3个熊孩子进总统府 (据说18岁下免费)然后碰到一对好心人 帮我找到俺都要放弃的资料 – 谢谢亲们 感恩. 哦还有好吃的午晚饭.
奔波于2⃣个火车站之间 算是夜游南京吧
在等去北京的火车… 希望不要再出错了 [大哭]

Apr 9 2018

Green & Safe

A two story, three parts French establishment, opposite from the middle school affiliated with Shanghai Music school, in the French concession. Clean, good service, delicious food and they sell wine by the glass. If I’ve to pick, is they switched my Raoja to Chardonnay.



Apr 8 2018

Anting 安亭

Wusong (Suzhou) River at 6pm on April 8th.

The Auto Park at this small town west of Shanghai.



Apr 7 2018

Shanghai Library

1555 Huaihai M Road

Shanghai Library 贵宾卡 上海图书馆. 星巴克咖啡即将开业 希望不会再有故宫的结局. 正好赶上五个英国作家的书展. 简爱不同的版本. 伦敦图书馆的红砖 近EuroStar 和上图的白对比鲜明


Apr 7 2018


A star dog’s life and in Chinese. A big dog party, four and six golden retrievers came.

有60万粉丝的🐶 出得厅堂 上得了台. 这群金毛和古牧太可爱!



Apr 5 2018


88 Caoxi Road

This is part of Shanghai Librsry. A wonderful research place. On my two times there, I see the same couple – western man and woman there. She is reading a stack of newspapers, almost in mint condition. Two librarians are most helpful, enable me to find my thing in no time. Heaven.

Apr 4 2018

Afternoon tea 下午茶

Ahn Luh has an All Day Dining restaurant. It has two floors and a terrace. The main dining hall is the main thing. I don’t find the terrace inviting. The second floor is very small, with one private room and a few small setting suitable for tea.

Their afternoon tea cost ¥298, ¥45 for additional person to share.

We’ve dinner last night – pretty good.  As the taxi driver told us Nv’er Hong 女儿红 is only good for pigs, so we ordered Hui 会稽山 5年 (at ¥68).

The napkins are hard on the lip: dinner is gold color and afternoon tea red. The cute little wine cup has a dent for the thumb which is nice.


Apr 4 2018

Ahn Luh 安麓

27 Yangming Road 阳明路
Shaoxing, Zhejiang

Qinsen Group 秦森 is founded by Qin Tongqian 秦同千 (chairman of Qinsen Group) that manages this hotel/resort. The major investor is Beijing Tourism (?)北旅, also the founder of Anman (can’t remember the third investor). They were in red last year and break even this year so far. Summer months are their slow season. When it snows, the staff is to clean the flakes.

Battery car, old wood, my first impression is, it feels like Aman, which is, should be – Aman group approached Mr. Qin, as I was told by a staff, Jack. Qin is quite well known for preserving vantage houses and items. Jack is very courteous and showed me around the property. We stayed at the least expensive housing, ¥2,000 a night (abt $318). The house cost ¥4,000 and the new construction with a mini pool is ¥6,000. I like the house the best – but it’s one bed situation. All housing on the ground accommodates two people only.

They don’t accept foreign credit card (Hyatt in Qingdao did …).

All Day Dinning 全日餐厅 is where breakfast (6:30-10), afternoon tea (2:30-4:30) and dinner, of course, served. The terrace isn’t too impressive.

Smoking is allowed (terrible!), unfortunately. The painted shower stall is pilling – Mr. Qin insisted to paint, instead of tiles or other durable material. Given shower wasn’t available back then, not sure this would bring anything back from the past. The classical music throughout the property is very nice.

The staff is helpful and courteous. Jack even brought tea to me in the library – thanks J! – as I’ve two hours to kill (raining) before the evening taxi to the train station.

Apr 3 2018

Anchang Oldtown 古镇安昌

Shaoxing, Zhejiang

A very small ancient town resting on a thin river. The admission is ¥50 only if you intend to visit any of the eight “museum” otherwise it’s free.

I see them washing their cloth, hair and sausage (ehhhhrrr … ) in the river.


Apr 2 2018


It’s 40 minutes (G133 17:53-16:33) ride between Shanghai Hongqiao and Wuxi East 东站.
This is my second time visiting this southern city – I like it a lot but everywhere I turn I see people (obviously, 1.4 billion) and fake decor added to nature, such as lights, structures as if nature isn’t generous enough to them. 画蛇添足 is a Chinese idiom, adding foot to a snake – overdone. And it ruins the scene, IMHO.

We stayed at InterContinental in Wuxi, better decor, fresh squeezed juice (carrots, fruits, …) than xxx by the Taihu Lake, although the later has nice ground. As usual, the hotel/resort has courteous staff but again, front desk is slow, more than 15 min to check in.

A staff (perhaps a manager) in suit said to me, “I’ll send a ginger tea to your room” when he saw me wet from the rain. Hotel offers free umbrella but requires 100 yuan deposit – then why did they swip your credit card.

Meals, we have lunch at 18 and quick dinner and lunch at Nianhua Zhen 拈花镇, as if 沾花惹草, hahaha (illiteracy).

Two attractions on this visit: the Tutle Head Peninsula on Taiho Lake, and Nianhua Zhen.


Zhijian Yuansu 至简元素 is a clothing store where we bought a lot. Not inexpensive tho.

120 admission ticket. Sunday was filled with tourists and Monday was with school kids. It’s a short shuttle ride to town – walking is nice too. The feel of the little town is more Japanese than Chinese.