May 20 2020

Cute cottages and ruins

Some houses look great with a little ‘ruin’.

I’ve passed by this house numerous times. But when I saw it today, it suddenly reminds me of the American dream: a house in the suburb with white picket fence. Even the fence of this house isn’t white nor made with wood.


May 20 2020

West Egg

The East Egg, across the bay

Kings Point is the posh part of the town but under the pen of F. Scott Fitzgerald, it was where Gatsby’s house was, in the West Egg, which was less fashionable than Daisy Buchanan and Tom’s East Egg, with old money: the white palaces of fashionable East Egg glittered along the water. The book came out in 1925, the story was about the summer 1922. The house looks in rather mind condition, at least 95 years later. The little park next to it is well kept. A good walk today.


May 20 2020

Ravine Park

A tiny park in town, next to the house where Gatsby gazed out to Daisy Buchanan’s East Egg.


May 18 2020

Pond Park

A tiny park tucked in a cozy corner.


May 18 2020

Two parks in a day

A 5.0 mile walk in GNE area, Pond park and the neighborhood.

May 18 2020

The façade 门面

The facades in town, and the discarded face masks.


I spotted this home on nextdoor recently, on sale for $2,288.000: Stunning French chateau in the heart of Kensington village. Built in 1918, the 4,000 sq feet home has 5 bedrooms (4 on the second floor) and 4 bathrooms (also on zillow):
2019, listed for $2,488,000; property taxes was $31,531
2013, sold at $1,800,000
2003, sold at $1,275,000
1995, sold at $443,000


May 15 2020

Mason work in town

A 7 mile walk day! Spotted a familiar mason work on a house in this part of town.


What a difference the sun makes …

something different …


May 15 2020

Grist Mill in Covid-19

This park is tucked the bay’s end. We pass by it often during our corona virus walks.

May 13 2020

A garbage truck

5.1 miles walk. An Allenwood Park attendant is blowing the park clean.

May 11 2020

Mask, please

This is the first time during the pandemic that a shop demands us to wear a mask.

We passed by Creek Park / Daniel J Berg memorial park @ Russell Gardens, hidden tennis courts and their pool club.