Nov 3 2018

Wilderstein @ sunset

330 Morton Road
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

The sunset is beautiful.


Nov 3 2018

Stony Point State Park

44 Battlefield Rd,
Stony Point, NY 10980

This is a histocial site – battlefield but unfortunately it’s closed, without any indication on their web site. This age, it’s kind of unheard of.


Nov 3 2018


6426 Montgomery St,
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Will return.

Like their high ceiling, great food, good vibe, very good service. The restaurant is in a corner – not sure a renovation or newly built – dark exterior, you won’t miss it. I noticed it last time.

The fried pepper, scallop, fried artichoke are heaven.

Goodchild pinot noir 2014 is very decent. Great bread with olive – but wished their butter is bit more buttery, not like the whipped cream.

The small parking lot is full but we’ve no problem find a street parking steps away. Rhinebeck isn’t exactly big.

Oh one of their handsome and tall male staff knelt to hear me out – either I’m too tiny or he just wants to make the old bag feels good ha ha ha … a girls’ night out is coming -:)

One of our neighbors is having a bottle of Gaja.


Nov 3 2018

Bear Mountain

The mountain steams make the road wet, which can be a problem – we almost got into an accident as a on coming car tried to avoid the water or slip on it ..

Bear Mountain, NY 10911

We didn’t go but drive by, on US-9W. The entrance is busy – it’s a groueous autumn day.


Nov 3 2018

Susan Drive


Nov 3 2018

Samuel’s Sweet shop

42 E Market St,
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

I went in, in hope to find a cheesecake.

They do make some, especially the chocolates but the candies are not entirely home made.

The coffee is fine.

Nov 3 2018

Hyde Park & Rhinebeck, NY

Rural but pretty sophisticated little towns on the Hudson. Rhinebeck’s population is nearly 8,000, and 110 miles north of NYC, very accessible by the Amtrak rail into Grand Central and U.S. Route 9, which is Albany Post Road in Hyde Park. Rhinebeck is north of Poughkeepsie and Hyde Park. Marist college, FDR, Vanderbilt, Mills Norries State Park, Wilderstein …

Nov 3 2018

FDR Library

This the the 2nd time visiting it … still, not enough time tho

Oct 23 2018

China Now @ Carnegie Hall

China Now Music Festival shoowcasing Chinese composers. Cai Jindong 蔡金冬conducts. Mr. Yu 俞 is there too, in the audience. The music is so so – too modern for my taste. Our comp tickets are front and center @ Parquet E row.

Hyatt across the street is opened


Oct 23 2018

Still green

2018.10.23 @ 3:13

Normally by now, we’d see the pretty foliage but not this year. The warm weather doomed our sights. The autumn leaves on Long Island haven’t changed – this report updates out on Wednesdays.