May 3 2019

Daxi Sichuan, is dishonest …

136-20 Roosevelt Ave, 2nd floor
Flushing, NY 11354

Calling them cheaters maybe too harsh but I won’t return.

Three aging women having lunch. My friend said to the staff as she was ordering the Boiled Fish with Picked Veg, “… we’d like to have the small.” – this dish comes in two sizes.

“Yes, small would do.” We said. We don’t and couldn’t eat a lot.

But when xicao (西曹soup dish came in this giant bowl, we knew instantly it’s the large size. We asked why but the staff just shrugged and walked away. We let it go. But we won’t return.

The food: average.

The serving plates and bowls are pretty neat. The tea pot is heavy which I don’t mind – good exercise for my bicep, tricep 4-cep …  hey … summer is coming -:).

The decoration: above average in Flushing. Good ceiling height. But the booths by the window are uncomfortable: too far from the table and the couches are too low for the table. The worst: the glassed tables have greasy streaks. I had visited it when it was first opened and sat on the table, which had no glass.

The service: was subpar. I have to signal for tea all the time, especially when it wasn’t busy at all. They didn’t offer rice, not even asked if we need or want rice. Again, we have to ask for it.

Bathroom: a public bathroom, a little walk from the restaurant. Cute washbowls (the white towels underneath are ugly…) but a dirty bathroom.

There was a dirty dish station by our table: I’m wondering, the restaurant is nearly empty, why can’t they move it elsewhere or do NOT throw in the dishes n chopsticks. Unless, they meant to chase us away. We were there for less than two hours.

The elevators are SLOW, very slow. Ten minutes slow. Parking is in the basement for the mall.

May 2 2019

The spring flowers

Oh … all so lovely, from Whole Foods -:) Going to nursery isn’t my cup of tea.


May 2 2019

Enlightened 开窍

Suddenly some senses knocked into me … A house is being built by the beach.


Apr 30 2019

A blueberry

An irregular blueberry on a slice of lemon

Apr 27 2019

Saturday in Flushing

I took the LIRR train into Flushing. It’s pretty early and rather relaxing. The restaurant isn’t crowded. The Tianjin Pancake is up and running. I like them a lot and buy red bean paste cake all the time but lately I find the skin is bit too al dente for my aging teeth. So today I bought the paste, only.

The new building along southern side of the LIRR Flushing station.

Apr 27 2019

An early bird

A spring morning.

Apr 27 2019

Royal Queen

136-20 Roosevelt Ave, 3rd Fl
Flushing, NY 11354

This was Grand Restaurant 君豪大酒楼 – I don’t know when did they change to the current name, because the location and the interior – everything else is unchanged. I haven’t been there for a couple of years and did discover some new dim sums. The six small plates are about $40. Their bathroom is pretty clean.

Apr 25 2019

Someone is on the cloud

A sweet boy is waiting for his girl on the beach. As the temp is heating up, more people are showing up.

Apr 23 2019

A squirrel

In the Central Park on a spring day, isn’t she cute?


Apr 23 2019

Spring Allergy 过敏

Central Park in the spring time is beautiful but deadly, even in the night after the program An American Soldier at NY Historical Society

… the movings: a bird and squirrel

… more blooming 


and the scenes 


… the Strawberry Field