Jan 14 2021


Another food delievery service, mostly Asian groceries @ sayweee.com. Easy to shop and check out. I got $10 off from a friend’s link and no shipping with $35 in total. They have $2 tip to the drive as default but you can change. The delivery was schedule two days later, between 2pm to 9pm. It arrived at 4pm.

Jan 9 2021

Every Plate, food delivery

I’m trying this food delivery service. $23.93 for three meals, shipping included. The package is nice and solid, and the single flat ice pack on the bottom is neat. Because it’s winter, all things arrived in good condition.

1st time: ordered on 12.29.2020 and delivered on Jan 5.


The two small carrots look old, tired and are chipped at the root. I usually buy the giant yellow sticks, so kind of not used to the tiny one they provide. All three meal are ok, good but I probably won’t order from them again, except, I forgot to cancel. ⇓

2nd time, auto delivered on Jan 11.


Dec 21 2020

Flushing, 2020

This year, 2020, is dominated by covid-19 pandemic. Although I don’t know anyone who has it but few did get laid off as the economy worsened.

I don’t go to Flushing as often, maybe every other month. Three of my go-to eateries on Main Street, a restaurant, one makes chive pancakes and one meat buns are replaced.

  1. Chaozhou (?) 潮州 became Xing Fu Tang 幸福堂 Happy House.
  2. Tianjin Pancake 天津馅饼 became Wenzhou Chicken 温州熏鸡
  3. Meat-buns 肉包子 in the old Golden Market, is under renovation.


From Prince Street to 40th Road. I got a few chive pancakes from Corner 28 (a separate vendor) and the quality is poor, cost 25% more at $2 each.


Sep 25 2020

A sun set in the autumn

Another nice sunset at the park. One of the many tress has turned some color … foliage is coming.

Sep 7 2020

On a Labor Day

This Labor Day is a slightly different from the past: we’re still in covid-19 pandemic. The sunset is as usual, beautiful. 

More pix ⇓

Sep 4 2020

Sun set @ Tappen

A lovely day spent at Sea Cliff: picnic and watching the sun set.

Home made …


Sep 2 2020

Flushing, after 6 months hiatus

My first trip to Flushing since February this year. Less people and pretty subdued. The rainy weather may have contributed to the let down mood. 

Nan Xiang Xiaolongbao has moved, a block south to 2nd floor at 39-16 Prince Street. They now serve with paper cups and plates. The buns are ok (6 for $7.95) but the turnip ham puff (4 for $4.55) is really good. 

Modell’s has finally closed. I’m surprised that it stayed this long. Wrapped vinegar and extra cup for the spicy oil are nice touch. A progress I would say. 

Modell’s 想像不到 它能坚持到现在. 进步了? 以前没有一家会这样做的.  

Streets are filled with outdoor sittings. (One of them took over the corner where the working girls used to stand …). The mall where supermarket – J Mart locates, uses palm temperature tester (?) at the doors.  

南翔小笼包 开过时以为关门了 搬家了 过条马路而已 用纸杯纸盘… 东西还好 – 萝卜酥比小笼包好吃 街边小吃摊位 … 占了站街妞的位置 六个月没有去了 也没有特别想 人比瘟疫前少 手掌测体温 进超市 庆幸喜欢的那家烧烤店 照常营业 [太阳] 妇复何求?


Apr 21 2020

Best Bagels, 2020

Hooooray they’re open and, in addition to their normal line of products, they now sell bathroom tissues and wipes too. Thank you!

Apr 9 2020

The 2nd trip to the wine shop

It’s my second trip to the distributor’s warehouse to pick up some food. And of course I went to Trader Joe’s and left without waiting online – it’s at the Old Navy. The wine shop is, as usual, more welcoming because there is NO line to get in. The 19 Crimes series which is under $10, is really good! … however, the wet tissue is gone.


Mar 31 2020

Bottled history

I was disappointed to see the long line at Trader Joe’s, so I went to Total Wine, instead. There are many jokes of what wine could do to your health. So, it’s appropriated.

No gloves but a wet wipe stand by the entrance. The store is not busy, not much different from a normal weekday noon.

As I was looking to pick up some 7 Deadly Zins of CA and then I spotted this Aussie’s 19 Crimes. A dozen more sins.

The nineteen crimes refers to the criminals in Britain who didn’t want to die, so they were sentenced to live in Australia as a punishment, rather than facing death, since 1788 or so.

Quite a different story nowadays, the land for the outlaws becomes one of the most desirable countries on the planet.