Sep 25 2020

A sun set in the autumn

Another nice sunset at the park. One of the many tress has turned some color … foliage is coming.

Sep 7 2020

On a Labor Day

This Labor Day is a slightly different from the past: we’re still in covid-19 pandemic. The sunset is as usual, beautiful. 

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Sep 4 2020

Sun set @ Tappen

A lovely day spent at Sea Cliff: picnic and watching the sun set.

Home made …


Sep 2 2020

Flushing, after 6 months hiatus

My first trip to Flushing since February this year. Less people and pretty subdued. The rainy weather may have contributed to the let down mood. 

Nan Xiang Xiaolongbao has moved, a block south to 2nd floor at 39-16 Prince Street. They now serve with paper cups and plates. The buns are ok (6 for $7.95) but the turnip ham puff (4 for $4.55) is really good. 

Modell’s has finally closed. I’m surprised that it stayed this long. Wrapped vinegar and extra cup for the spicy oil are nice touch. A progress I would say. 

Modell’s 想像不到 它能坚持到现在. 进步了? 以前没有一家会这样做的.  

Streets are filled with outdoor sittings. (One of them took over the corner where the working girls used to stand …). The mall where supermarket – J Mart locates, uses palm temperature tester (?) at the doors.  

南翔小笼包 开过时以为关门了 搬家了 过条马路而已 用纸杯纸盘… 东西还好 – 萝卜酥比小笼包好吃 街边小吃摊位 … 占了站街妞的位置 六个月没有去了 也没有特别想 人比瘟疫前少 手掌测体温 进超市 庆幸喜欢的那家烧烤店 照常营业 [太阳] 妇复何求?


Apr 21 2020

Best Bagels, 2020

Hooooray they’re open and, in addition to their normal line of products, they now sell bathroom tissues and wipes too. Thank you!

Apr 9 2020

The 2nd trip to the wine shop

It’s my second trip to the distributor’s warehouse to pick up some food. And of course I went to Trader Joe’s and left without waiting online – it’s at the Old Navy. The wine shop is, as usual, more welcoming because there is NO line to get in. The 19 Crimes series which is under $10, is really good! … however, the wet tissue is gone.


Mar 31 2020

Bottled history

I was disappointed to see the long line at Trader Joe’s, so I went to Total Wine, instead. There are many jokes of what wine could do to your health. So, it’s appropriated.

No gloves but a wet wipe stand by the entrance. The store is not busy, not much different from a normal weekday noon.

As I was looking to pick up some 7 Deadly Zins of CA and then I spotted this Aussie’s 19 Crimes. A dozen more sins.

The nineteen crimes refers to the criminals in Britain who didn’t want to die, so they were sentenced to live in Australia as a punishment, rather than facing death, since 1788 or so.

Quite a different story nowadays, the land for the outlaws becomes one of the most desirable countries on the planet.

Mar 31 2020

The grocers

96 Bond Street
Westbury, NY

Recently, on the face of the corona virus, many grocers in New York are offering pick up or delivery. I went to one this morning. The group was formed yesterday by a distributor. They provide a shopping list and you tick off the items and quantities. Picking it up at an allotted time with 15 min window. It suits me perfectly. I back in and the lady loaded my stuff, within 12 minutes.

Padding up my resume [偷笑]

车退进库房 … 上卸货

最近我们周围有很多好心人. 成立食品供应群. 谢谢亲 拉俺!

下单后 得到帐单和第二天去取的时间
倒车 开后车厢 上货. 唯一不方便是还不能转帐 (他们昨天才刚刚开始)要现金

这对俺 没有口罩族是非常方便

在美国扫货 口罩

Then I headed off to Trader Joe’s. Unfortunately, the outdoor line was so long, it bent over to my right, which is Old Navy.

Feb 22 2020

MacArthur’s Riverview Restaurant

674 Thayer Rd,
West Point, NY 10996

The restaurant is on the left, half flat down from the lobby of the Thayer Hotel, which is on the compound of the United States Military Academy. Exposed brick walls, fresh flowers – mostly carnations, but overall it feels stuffy. $11 house wine: Merlot is better than Pino Noir.

The crab cakes (enough for an entry) are good, so is the salmon but the veggie cassoulet is subpar, tasteless.

Each table has a bell (not an astray) – I thought it’s pretty military-ish. We didn’t have to use it because the restaurant was very empty, even on a game night.

Patton’s Tavern is on the same level as the lobby but it was filled to the brim when we got there – probably due to the game: ice hockey team vs SHU


The Five Star Generals of the Army

George C. Marshall, VMI 1901
Douglas MacArthur, USMA 1903
Dwight D. Eisenhower, USMA 1915
Henry “Hap” Arnold, USMA 1907
Omar Bradley, USMA 1915

Feb 21 2020


1946 Campus Dr. @ Roth Hall
Hyde Park, NY 12538

Will return, for the kids.

I rarely give a five star rating and this one, ran by the kids caught my fancy @ CIA. We were lucky, secured a table without a reservation – even on an open house day.

Thanks, perhaps to February blues.

It’s a crispy blue sky day. Cold – 25 degrees – but brilliant.

Out of three restaurants, this one hosed in Roth Hall ranks on top and is the last rotation before graduating. So the skills are better and the kids are clearly excited, which makes the  
atmosphere so much nicer and genuine. They’re wide eyed to welcome their next stage and couldn’t wait.

The decoration is bright and modern, quiet. Thin stem glasses: Riesling and Cape Rosé are good. Two kinds of bread – the sour dough bread is substantial – are delicious, so is the room temperature butter ok fess up: I only ask for it again once -:)

They’ve a small brewery on site @ the Student Common and the WIT draft beer is pretty good: light and delicious. The curly celery is done with slicer and soaked in the ice water (hope I remember it right …).

They served two lightly cooked physalis (also known as the Cape Gooseberry) in with the octopus. The high heat left a brown spot on the berry – not sure sure for the extra step, it tastes as raw. I first had it at a friend’s home on Long Island about a decade ago, wild. She picked. We looked. And I tried. Guess I was lucky that it wasn’t poisonous.

Their winter prix fixe menu runs till March 13. Make a reservation and go.