Apr 12 2018

Beef pancakes 牛肉饼

With home grow chives!

Apr 12 2018

Niujie Muslin Supermarket

5 Niu Jie 牛街清真超市 美食城

I’ve been here a few times. There are many individual vendors on the street level and supermarket in the basement, plus a bakery.

Apr 10 2018


夫子庙景区 平江府店
48 Dashiba Road 大石坝街48号

Will return: old fashioned decor and delicious food. Service is good and efficient. An excellent place to have a quick bite and move on, in a convenient location.


Apr 9 2018

Green & Safe

A two story, three parts French establishment, opposite from the middle school affiliated with Shanghai Music school, in the French concession. Clean, good service, delicious food and they sell wine by the glass. If I’ve to pick, is they switched my Raoja to Chardonnay.



Apr 4 2018

Afternoon tea 下午茶

Ahn Luh has an All Day Dining restaurant. It has two floors and a terrace. The main dining hall is the main thing. I don’t find the terrace inviting. The second floor is very small, with one private room and a few small setting suitable for tea.

Their afternoon tea cost ¥298, ¥45 for additional person to share.

We’ve dinner last night – pretty good.  As the taxi driver told us Nv’er Hong 女儿红 is only good for pigs, so we ordered Hui 会稽山 5年 (at ¥68).

The napkins are hard on the lip: dinner is gold color and afternoon tea red. The cute little wine cup has a dent for the thumb which is nice.


Mar 28 2018

Over 100 years old restaurant


This over 100 years old restaurant is undergoing a make over. What they’ve now is terrrible. Horrible restroom. Dingy environment. Food are ok.

The mini clams are tender, sweet, just simply delicious. And they are perfect companion to Qingdao beer.


Mar 26 2018

Deli and Wine

@ HK Cultural Centre

A very down to earth eatery, perfect for a quick bite. Clean line, sandwiches and congee/noodles. It takes credit and opens at 8am.

I forgot how strong the Hong Kong teas and milk is. They say they blend their own.


Mar 9 2018

Tapa Italiano

2363 Arthur Ave
Bronx, NY 10458

Pretty good for a drink but I won’t return. Small, intimate. One rather spacious bathroom – in relativity to the restaurant. Looking out to Vincent’s Meat Market
The red sauce of the fried ravioli is sweet; the rest of the small plates are so so. Can you eat eggplant parm without knife? Try it …


Mar 9 2018

Pine Tree cafe

In the NYBG
Good jazz music, birds, airy, practical. We enjoy a cup of coffee here whenever we visit the botanical garden. The fire for the pizza lends warmth on a brisk day. White snow not yet melt, blue skies with some clouds, green grass, green fir trees with plenty sunshine. Just prefect.


Mar 6 2018

Pizza night @ Vincent’s Clam Bar

It’s my second time here, in less than a year. Good food, as usual. Totally packed on a Tuesday night. The two square ones are tastier. The Moscato is too sweet. The two huge jars, one is garlic powder and one is hot pepper flakes.

I left early without any of the desserts and coffee.