Nov 9 2019

Half Moon

1 High St
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Won’t return.

Great view, large portion, lousy and very very slow service.

We arrived at 1:09 pm on a weekday. Only a few tables.
I asked the staff to change my unused but dirty fork. They never bothered to bring a clean one.
Delicious warn bread.
Our appetizers were finally serviced at 1:51.
The portion is simply big.
I got up and walked around, after failing to get them to serve us.

The French fries is pretty yummy and I ate a lot of it.
We finally left, two full hours later.


Sep 18 2019

Bean & Leaf Cafe

12 Bear Skin Neck
Rockport, MA 01966

Loving it.

Great view and vibe. Cute. Small. Neat.

What not to like? Two bay windows are used as condiments stations. They serve simple fares, so it could be a whole day affair.


Sep 18 2019

Roy Moore Lobster Co.

39 Bearskin Neck,
Rockport, MA 01966

Will return.

This little shack is a good place for a quick bit or slow chow (BYOB) on their patio at the back, by the Rockport Harbor. Although I don’t find their fish cake delicious (dead & thick: floury) but the crab s and lobsters are good. The service is amiable and efficient.

The two seater by the door is made from lobster trap – neat.


Sep 17 2019

Arundel Wharf Restaurant

43 Ocean Ave
Kennebunkport, ME 04046

Will return.

The restaurant is on a wharf that served as chandlery in her previous life. It has indoor dining section which opens after 5 pm and outdoor which is on the Kennebunk River, is where we’ve our lunch.

We were treated to a world class ballerina‘s performance. Thank you 🙂

The reception lady is bit stern but efficient. She helps out to clean tables. A good team player with cold demeanor.

The deck is on the narrow Kennebunk River that’s filled with boats. A sailing school shares the parking lot with the restaurant. Boats, canoes and kayaks go by constantly.

The service is good so is the food. My Riesling is on the sweet side; fried calamari has a few pickled Greek pepper which is an excellent addition. Salad feels old. Avocado lobster is very good. An enjoyable lunch in a tranquil setting.

The restaurant is a few steps from the downtown. It’s our first time to #41’s home turf and are surprised at the hustle and bustle of their downtown, which isn’t exactly small given to the 3,474 population (2010 census). People milling on the street are decidedly older (so are the diners …). Later we saw a big group of tour buses (coaches) parked discretely by the Shack – wondering if they’re retirees from some organizations – which may explain the over crowding …

Another restaurant Alisson’s which is in the town square, with 575 ratings (this one has 127) but we liked our choice.


Sep 16 2019

Beal’s Lobster Pier

182 Clark Point Rd
Southwest Harbor, ME 04679

Will return. More pix here.

It’s a fun place to dine: you order your lobsters, clams or whatever that are in the tanks. The staff fishes them out, weight them and you go pay at the cashier. The open kitchen is behind them. The cashier will give you a stand that bears your order number. You go to find a table, inside or out door, to sit (or wait around to take it away), the staff will bring it to you. But you have to get your own drink from the little bar. The bartender was in a tank top, showcasing his beautiful tattoos.

Food and service are good.

Unlike many piers, the water around it is usually muddy and or with some floating things (like garbage), the water by their pier however, is clear, which, I find the unusual.


Sep 16 2019

Jeannie’s Great Maine Breakfast

15 Cottage St
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Probably won’t return.

A decent place to have a hot breakfast. The service is good and the food is plentiful. The home made strawberry marmalade is yummy. The home fried is hard and tasteless. The serving staff is professional.


Sep 15 2019



A nice picnic spot at NE Harbor. My nice little sofa by the hard working waves.


Sep 14 2019

Asticou Inn @ NE Harbor

Northeast Harbor is on the Mount Desert Island in Maine. It has a few famous residents, such as the Rockefellers and Brook Astor. It also known as “Philadelphia on the rocks” for many people from Phillys.

Asticou Inn
15 Peabody Dr,
Northeast Harbor, ME 04662

Won’t return – the Azalea garden is better!

It is at the west side of the Mount Desert Island, which is far less popular than their east side Bar Harbor. Their Main Street is short, sweet and one way only.

The restaurant is at the namesake inn, which opens May to October only. Unfortunately it’s a little windy and cold, they closed the deck. Our table is by the window. The view of NE Harbor is nice. Good service. Good food – crab cake is good. Overall, food is on the expensive side. A cup soup costs $11 – the same price at Bar Harbor Inn, which is a notch above, buys you a bowl. The Aveleda white is pretty good tho. A persistent fly just won’t leave us alone. Bathroom is a floor below, it has no soap. Fake purple flower …

Cross the street is their garden which is really worth your time.


After lunch, we hiked on Lower Hadlock Pond, and I won’t recommend it.

Sep 14 2019

Jordan Pond House dinner

Dirty utensil. Yucky napkin. Great view even it’s cloudy. Decent food and service.


Sep 13 2019

Bar Harbor Inn

Bar Harbor Inn, Maine