Apr 30 2019

A blueberry

An irregular blueberry on a slice of lemon

Nov 24 2018

XO Kitchen

148 Hester St
New York

Will return.

No frills go to Cantonese restaurant in Chinatown. I only have the beef noodle 牛腩濑粉 and it tastes good. There are a few more tables in the back – so it’s too small.

Nov 18 2018

Inadequate service @ Toku

Here we go again … decent food but the service just isn’t there. I ordered Ginger martine and they brought Jamaica (with the pineapple). They served ice cream without a spoon. I waited. waited and waited. Finally I asked for one. They sent a soup spoon. My friends all got the soup spoons for theirs – I’m wondering maybe they use the same spoon for dessert? The little one is for coffee? I’d rather use the coffee spoon than the soup spoon.


Nov 9 2018

You Garden 豫园

41-07 Bell Blvd.
Bayside, NY 11361

Will return.

The 3 star is for their bit too sweet taste – not their fault but mine – my dislike toward things too sweet. The few items we have are good. Shanghai cruise is on the sweet side. It’s a cash only shop.

Very good service – plastic bag for umbrellas. Disposable chopsticks heads, plastic gloves for Beijing duck, … spacious and clean bathroom. The atmosphere is more relaxing than their Flushing one.

A group of middle aged Chinese women (4) behind me are overly loud… Half roasted Beijing duck is $16.33 ($15 + 8.875% tax take out).

Street parking. They open 9-11 so one more place for breakfast.


Nov 3 2018


6426 Montgomery St,
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Will return.

Like their high ceiling, great food, good vibe, very good service. The restaurant is in a corner – not sure a renovation or newly built – dark exterior, you won’t miss it. I noticed it last time.

The fried pepper, scallop, fried artichoke are heaven.

Goodchild pinot noir 2014 is very decent. Great bread with olive – but wished their butter is bit more buttery, not like the whipped cream.

The small parking lot is full but we’ve no problem find a street parking steps away. Rhinebeck isn’t exactly big.

Oh one of their handsome and tall male staff knelt to hear me out – either I’m too tiny or he just wants to make the old bag feels good ha ha ha … a girls’ night out is coming -:)

One of our neighbors is having a bottle of Gaja.


Oct 5 2018

Seafood City

459 City Island Ave
Bronz, NY 10464

A great place to watch sunset. It’s big both inside and out. Friendly staff at the counter, decent food. A perfect spot for a beer and watch the sun goes home.  (I saw four guys sat at the corner with tableful food and … cigars).

If you’re like me, like to eat crab / king crab legs clean, then bring your own utensils. They provide nutcracker on demand but is asking for $3 deposit – hope the sweet kid was not kidding me. When I told him I don’t have cash on me (we sat outside) he gave me one. When I asked if he’s seafood forks, he gave me two plastic and said, “$6” ha ha ha.

The king crab legs are fine but but greasy. The fried calamari is bit old – not al dente.

We went but early, a few families with kids were loud and parents did nothing to stop their running screaming kids.


Sep 30 2018


68 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11020

Will return.

This is a small Japanese resturant, with neat wood and pipes decors, recycling? Great! Food and service are good, clean bathroom (the hook..). Like their varied tableware.

It’s Sunday night, all dinners are Asian except our table (minus me ha ha ha). At time, the noisy is deafening.

For the past couple of years or so, I noticed the soy sauce on the table are low sodium, and they used to be in green caps, to indicate the low status, but now they’re hard to tell. Not sure why – healthy? But is the low sodium healthier than the regular soy sauce?

Also, the disposable chopsticks, inside a sealed paper pouch. I really don’t like them but it seems more and more restaurants are using them. There are many kinds of chopsticks that are easy to clean… Save our world!

Street parking, free after 6pm. There are parking lots nearby.



Sep 15 2018


14 Northern Blvd.
Great Neck, NY

Decent decor. Wines. Clean bathroom. A nice little bar and wine glasses. Average food & presentation for their price range. Noisy (!) Inattentive service. On site parking.

Food: Asian, from sushi to Beijing Duck.

Wine and drink: if the waiting staff can’t handle a wine list, it’s better to just have house wine. Same goes to cocktails. My neighbor ordered a dirty martini – very basic – who repeaded a few times, “very dirty with olives on the side.” I would have helped her (all staff or at least the few I saw are Chinese) but the noise level were so high, I didn’t want to shout, beside, she wasn’t too friendly. Yet, the 3 olives were inside the glass. The sake was hot and she just put it on the table without pouring the first cup. It’s so hot my neighbor had to use a napkin to hold the bottle to pour. I like their wine glass over the martini glass.

Armpit: one of my companions said she gets server’s armpit all the time here. I sat on the bench (it’s loose …) and saw it up close. Oh boy.

It’s Saturday evening. At 6:30 it’s 1/3 full but by 7, is filled to the brim, and hard to get our server’s attention. I understand. But when the server saw me raising my hand she ignored me, this’s not cool.

Soy sauce: the cute jar didn’t indicate what kind of soy sauce – regular or low sodium.
“Is this low sodium soy sauce?” I asked.
“Yes.” She the server replied.
“May I have the regular?”
We were group of 9. One of them didn’t hear my conversation (too noisey!!!) and asked her for the same while she’s at our table.
“That’s the regular.” She told him.

Service stands: two of them were there, next to a table full of diners the entire time I was there. The staff piled dirty tableware in them as well as fresh meals out of kitchen for serving. What are they thinking?!


Aug 24 2018


1043 Norrhern Blvd.
Roslyn, NY 11576

Will return.

High ceiling (love it), delicious food, good service, decent bathroom with a maid (better without! I’d rather have mouthwash than a maid). I’d rate this one higher than Kyma – high ceiling and wood get me.

It’s our friends’ 60th birthday – our children grew up together since they were 3, and now one of the kids is engaged – congratulations!!!

Valet parking.

Aug 21 2018

City Vineyard

233 West Street
New York, NY 10013

<- DIY sunset -:). Will return.

Great sunset view, good service and delicious food. We didn’t get to see the sunset (faked one myself ha ha ha) nor sit on the roof top but I got to kayak & a visit from a cute dog.