Nov 12 2017

Stew Leonard’s Wine & Spirits

221 Glen Cove Rd
Carle Place, NY 11514

One of the 6 wine shops under the same name but they operate independently. The skipper was a Summerlier in a restaurant and turned to retail now. He said, his shop has 6 Summerliers. I’m wondering why. The certificate is uber difficult to obtain and yet, he’s six of them. Or there are other ways to become one.

We tried these wines – Cava led off. and the Zinfandel was pretty good. In the corner I saw those jars – anyone still remember the Callo’s in the 1980s? America has come a long way on wine.



Nov 11 2017

Ravagh Persian Grill

210 Mineola Ave
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

Will return.
Clean decor.
Love the chairs.
LOVE their rice
Great service.
Good utensil and tableware (except one is chipped…)
Their food do not blow you away right off the bite but it leaves room for you to savor.
Spacious bathroom – pls the patrons, when you raise your moth, make sure you raise the sink too. It’s disgusting to leave stuff in the sink.

They’re right off LIE 495, in a former diner (?), sharing the lot with Int’l Food and an Animal hospital.

We went bit early … so shared the room with kids, crying toddlers – I got spoiled by my kids who never cried. Oh I drugged them all the time. Oh well.

Their Pinot nior tastes better than Shiraz. The corkage fee is $15


Nov 5 2017


The name changer: the same location has always been a restaurant just under different names.

Element opened 2 months again, is pretty good: will return.

The bathroom is spacious and clean but no hanger for handbag.

It can get very hot due to the building system – not their fault – … which is one of my long standing complain about waste in USA: no need to heat the house like equator in the winter and North Pole in the summer – people could live with a sweater in the winter. If they think they need a Hawaii short in December, they should move to Hawaii or have their head examined. (phew … feel good to let that out … ha ha ha)

Food, are good. Service is good (even more wine glasses are different for the same wine). Good utensils. The sauce for fried calamari is way too sweet but calamari is tender.

The rustic decor is nice but many the wood paneling is unfinished that sticks.


Nov 2 2017

Ku-Shiang Taiwanese restaurant

13540 39th Ave
Flushing, NY 11354

I stopped by for a quick lunch. Ordered their hot green pepper and beef over rice. The taste is fine but the pepper is bit too spice – for someone who can really chew down spice and hot. The beef is too chewy. The half tea egg is good. The service is so so. Probably won’t return.

Oct 14 2017

Good Kitchen Dong Yifeng

13529 37th Avenue,
Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 886-8233

Been going there, from time to time for more than a facade. Very average. Fried rice is very light. The service isn’t too good. I never understand the Chinese kitchen: they just pile the food onto your table. This time after one hour of waiting. Don’t they ever know to slow down, make the presentation a bit more appetizing? Or those are low budget … Bath room is spacious and cleaner than my last time there but …

Street parking or at garage @ 37-20 Prince Street, around the corner.


Oct 14 2017

New York foliage

… and Taro cake $1 and $2.5

Oct 2 2017

Apollo Bakery

135-36 39th Ave
Flushing, NY 11354

I pass by this tiny bakery on a side street 100s times and finally decided to go in. Glad I did. Wednesday is the autumn festival – moon cakes are part of the celebration. I used to buy from Windsor bakery on Kissena but their service is spotty.

The service here is very good and attentive. I purchased few different moon cakes – although they all taste really good but my favorite is lotus paste (filling). Taro, greet tea, red bean, … and … I don’t really like sweet.

The darker cake can stay for two weeks and the white one week at room temperate.

Happy moon festival and bon appetite.


Sep 22 2017

Kaia Wine Bar

1614 3rd Ave
New York

Love the duca and 98 years old Glenstove cook top and food warmer. Will return to this South African bar.
The elk meat is tender. The house wine are good esp the white. The only complain I’ve is the bread is too sweet. Good service. The bar looks bit thin. One hour street parking free after 7pm.


Sep 2 2017

Fino Wine & Tapas

39-13 Bell Blvd
Bayside, NY 11361

Will return. A modern deco (not too crazy) but wine (shiraz Chianti and merlot) and food, service are great. The Optus is tender, eggplant is delicious, so is the bass. Street parking, free after 7pm.


Aug 31 2017

New York Food Court

133-35 Roosevelt Ave
Flushing, NY 11354

The dining hall is pleasant, and they’ve a small parking lot on site. I purchased from two vendors today.

Kelai Qin 客来勤 #15 at the back of the room.
– Spicy Fish head 剁椒鱼头 – very good
– Spicy fish filet 水煮活鱼 – ok
– Beef and green pepper 角椒牛肉丝 – a little below ok
– Yuxiang Rosi 鱼香肉丝 – terrible -> too sweet


Lanzhou Handpulled noodle 兰州拉面


The cumin lamb pancake is great; the beef (?) pancake is so so. And I’m so bright to order a Yunnan Mixiang with beef, not too good.