Oct 11 2019

Yes Inn 成都雅仕

8 Jialingjiang Road
嘉陵江路8号 成华区
Chenghua District, Chengdu

I recommend this hotel for the convenience – cross street – to Chengdu East train station.

It has two types of accommodations: the hotel and apartment, under four names with Longmont being the most expensive among the four and Rayfont the least: 

  1. 龙之梦大酒店 Longemont 
  2. 瑞锋国际 Rayfont
  3. 亚士商务酒店 Yes Inn
  4. 瑞锋公寓 Rayfont Apt

This hotel group is massive, east of the train station. It’s modern, clean and well light. We stay at Yes Inn (room 509). The bathroom’s door is used also for the shower which is pretty cool. The water pressure is good. However, there are some nagging pains: unstable toilet seat, hard to insert outlets and leaky shower. But over all, I’m satisfied and will return.  

 There is a pool and a gym, etc for different price range (free or paid). A travel agency, a supermarket, a convenient store, a small eatery, cafe/bar and restaurants are on site. Bus #4 is cross the street which we take often.


Oct 1 2019

ZGC #28

Seeing my old apartment building #28 and the Zoology Institute again.

The three story building looks like need some TLC. But most of the buildings there are in the same league.

It holds memories of our youth … Every time we pass by, we’ll recall the by gone era.

I shopped at the mall 中关村购物中心 at 海淀区中关村大街19号. The 5G

Sep 13 2019

Bar Harbor Inn

Bar Harbor Inn, Maine


Sep 11 2019

Ivy Manor Inn

194 Main St,
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Sep 10 2019

Black Elephant Hostel

33 Hampshire St,
Portland, ME 04101

Arty, clean and comfy!

All is good and we’re not the only oldies who chooses to stay there. When I spotted their lobby photos online, just have to give it a try. People who stay there are gentle and well mannered. When the girl at the front desk citing a few rules, I said, I feel like I’m 20 years old, meaning I like their hotel and reliving my younger days. She took it the wrong way by saying “Oh, I’ve to …” I’m incoherent in expressing myself anyway -:).

I stayed in the lobby by the window and did a little writing with a glass of white. Their kitchen (utensils & tableware etc.) is equally enchanting. To use their lovely table I got our breakfast from the Co-Op Food next door. 


Aug 11 2019

Red Lion Inn

30 Main St,
Stockbridge, MA 01262

A very lovely place. With a lot of history. An old map of MA. An old elevator. Two phone booths. Even the bathroom is nicely decked out in pastel green and white. But, not sure I’d want to stay there.


Jun 26 2019

Atria on the West

333 W 86th St,
New York, NY 10024

This Atria on the West Side isn’t as nice as their in Roslyn.

The neighborhood is pretty nice. A street vendor who sells good cotton clothing from India – should have bought something.

Mar 23 2019

TWA Hotel

TWA is getting a second life, not flighting again but a hotel @ JFK. They’re promoting it at Times Square.

The model isn’t the top grade but gets the job done, I guess? The new hotel/complex will have 512 rooms, 6 restaurants and 8 bars… My goodness, it’s huge.

Nov 11 2018

Beijing 北京

No set schedule but many sites are on my mind.

Aug 6 2018

A rental in Southampton

29 Missapoque Ave,
Southampton, NY 11968

Not sure I’d return. The location is ok for what it costs: $350 a night with $150 cleaning fee per stay. 3.3 miles from town. Two houses away is a dock to the Big Feesh Pond. The water is bit too warm (I prefer cooler water for distance swim) – should be fine for most people.

There are three orange colored kayaks but too heavy to move down the street and trail to the dock.

Towels are left in dryer; bedsheet seemed unchanged. Not sure they should provide theses but there was no cloth detergent; no shampoo, no garbage cans, not enough tissue. There are tons of tableware, towels and bathroom tissues.