Nov 2 2019

Bye, Beijing

It seems that I haven’t been to Beijing airport for a while: you go through security check first: they’re right up front, in your face. Since I’ve a few pieces, a young man mentioned to me to just go ahead. When I hesitate, he became rather unpleasant. Oh well.

Once inside, I immediately saw the vantage point of Forbidden City, which I just went two night before.

What interesting, I ran into the same flight attendant on my Pei-Sea, who was on my JFK-Sea too. Oh well.

Oct 28 2019

Trained in China, 2019

Trains in China … This year, the ¥5 fee charged for picking up other train stations’ tickets 异地取票 are gone. People are nicer in general, and most of them follows rule, like waiting on line. But there are always someone specially who insisted to cut the lines…

Hefei to Beijing: commercials embedded in the mirror in the bathroom.



Oct 8 2019

Tangshan Station 唐山站

As usual, it’s pretty vacant. And outside, it’s even more vacant. The locals don’t really like it …

Sep 29 2019


It’s my first time taking Delta to China. It offers direct flight from JFK to Shanghai (14:50). There are stopovers from JFK to PEK. My experience is both good and not too good.

A little jarring to see Elizabeth Holmes and Beethoven being side by side. They both were genius… 

The goodies: It’s inexpensive, especially when using my mileage. The food is pretty good: their  shrimp cocktail has the biggest shrimp in the sky. The service is very efficient. The wifi works for a little while then it disappears.

The bad: the entertainment screen is small and hard to use (the touch isn’t sensitive). They almost lost my two checked in luggage.

The lady who sat in my row from JFK to Seattle, asked me if I’m going home.

“Oh, no. I’m going to meet my DNA cousin.” I said.

Her eyes lights up and she grabs my hand tight, “I came to New York to meet my mother and siblings – I found them through DNA too.”

We hug and cry … and talk non stop.

As the door is closing, a young man came by our row, and sits down between us… and says politely, “please continue … Very interesting … I’m a documentary maker.”

On my way back home from Beijing, I ran into the same flight attendant who asks, “Where’s your companion?” She thought we were traveling together.

A small world, indeed.


Finding Nemo

小插曲 去西雅图的路上我旁边的女生坐下后客气的问俺是不是回家. 

俺 “不是喔 … 是去见基因找到的亲戚.”

她眼睛瞪得大大的 抓住我的手说 “我来纽约是见我基因找到的妈妈和姐妹…”

我们二个 哭做一团 笑在一起 … 记不清她是怎么找到家人的.

在飞机就要关门了 一小鲜肉气喘吁吁的坐下 在我们中间… 然后说 “妳们继续聊.” 停顿一下说 “我挺感兴趣的 我是拍纪录片的.”

下飞机时 他们告诉其他乘客 “让她先下 她去见家人…”

大家倒真是让俺先下了 …

回家的路上 从北京起飞又碰上了同一个空姐, 问 “你的同伴哪?” 


Sep 16 2019

5.5 miles sea kayaking

39 Cottage Street
Bar Harbor, ME

A wonderful day out on the sea: mostly cloudy with gentle winds. Along the way from Bartlett Narrows to Seal Cove, we see many porpoises during the trip. 9公里 一直有海豚陪伴. We used Sea Kayak, $50 for 5 hours – including a pep talk and travel time. The actual time on the kayak is about 3 hours. Our trip ends early.


Sep 16 2019

Margret Todd & the harbor

Sailing off … this four masts sailboat is eye catchy at Bar Harbor;


Aug 11 2019

A horrible traffic jam @ Tanglewood

4:53pm by the gate (inside) after the matinee was over.  

A totally avoidable nightmare concluded our Beethoven’s weekend. What the management is thinking to start matinee at 2:30pm, asking us to leave the parking lot by 5:30, for the evening performance at 8pm. We sat in the parking lot for 40 minutes and on the West Street for 46 minutes.

Global warming!

I’d guess that most concert goers are liberals and wondering how they feel as they sit in their cars, moving an inch at time, or not moving for extended period.

Did Yoyo Ma get there on time for his 8pm show?

Jun 26 2019

Subway station @ Columbus Circle

The underground station at 59th Street and Broadway/8th Avenue or there about is pretty nice: with many shops … and the Beijing Duck is on a limited offer at Poké Bowl. 


May 20 2019

The cab drivers

What do they want? It’s 4:30 pm on Monday and the Boulevard Saint-Germain in 7e is completely blocked.

One sign reads: Macron respecter la loi grandguillaume ???

May 19 2019

Keep your metro ticket

Parismetro is like NYC subway: one flat fare – €1.90, gets you from A to Z regardless of distance. (NYC fare currently is $3.00, Frankfurt, which is much smaller and less lines but costs €2.75. The exchange rate is about €1 to $1.12) You insert your ticket and voila, you’re in. You don’t need it again, like, to exit.

On a Sunday evening, a few controllers were down, inside, checking our tickets. I was wondering: how? IF I’m in that means I’ve a ticket.

Coincident, I ran into them again on my way to CDG airport. I wondered out loud this time. The nice lady sat next to me said, “you’re suppose to keep the ticket until you exit.”

Learned one more thing.

I then said, “so odd, this is my second time seeing ticket checkers. The first one was last Sunday.”

She said, “the city needs money.”