Jul 31 2021

Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodles

60 Beach St
Boston, MA 02111

A very convenient spot to have a quick bit.

I haven’t had Yunnan rice noodles (Yunnan Bridge Noodles 过桥米线) for years. My father used to work in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province. I visited him in 1977 for three months. On Sundays, he would take me to downtown and have the famous bridge noodles. Before eating, he would force me to take a yellow berberine (?) 黄连素 tablet, to prevent vomiting and or diarrhea, due to unsanitized eateries.

Traditionally, you pick your soup base and a few sides (such as mushroom, bean spouts, etc.). They bring the boiling soup to your table, then put in the cooked noodles and topping it with the sides in separate dish of your choice. Normally, you can have more noodles–like Coke or Pepsi refill.

But at this restaurant, they put everything in the bowl in the kitchen. I don’t know if this restaurant offers unlimited noodles, the portion is large and tasty. There is only one young woman, who is taking care of everyone and everything. It is pretty relaxed.


Boston Chinatown and its arch

Jul 31 2021

Long Wharf, Tea Party,

Boston‘s waterfront is pretty much done. We walked on Dorchester Avenue after a lunch in Chinatown

South Station Michael S. Dukasis … dedicated in 2014. 


Boston Wharf Co. Industrial Real Estate; Boston Tea Party Museum on Congress St. Hotel InterContinental @ 510 Atlantic Ave. 


Independence Wharf building @ 470 Atlantic Avenue has Barings, Gallagher and Cushman & Wakefield as tenants. James Hook & Co. is a popular eatery. Vertex. Rowes Wharf. Boston Harbor Hotel. The pier in front of the Rowes Wharf Condo, Harborwalk, although a public space, but a private party was about to begin. 


The Long Wharf: 65 East India Row; the New England Aquarium; Chart House is a good spot to dine or for a drink.   





Jul 31 2021

Chart House

60 Long Wharf
Boston, MA 02110

This chain restaurant started by Joey Cabell and Buzzy Bent in 1961. The Gardiner Building, however, is from 1763, the oldest structure on Long Wharf. It’s known as Hancock’s Counting House”, used by Thomas Hancock, then his nephew John.

It has four stories but I think only three levels are used for the restaurant. The interior is wonderful, maintaining the old world charm: exposed bricks walls, wide wood beams and floors.

Foods are delicious: kimchee calamari, fresh mozzarella with pesto.


Jul 31 2021

Bunker Hill Museum @ Charlestown

Boston, MA

The famous battle during the first stage of the American Revolutionary War was fought on Saturday, June 17, 1775. The hill is actually in Charlestown, a big and the oldest neighborhood in Boston.

We stuck up a conversation with the ranger who is knowledgable and enthusiastic about the battle. Thanks buddy!


Bunker Hill Museum … Join or Die

Charlestown is charming and hilly. Warren Tavern @ 2 Pleasant Street, since 1780 is still kicking.

Jul 31 2021

Boston in 2021

Snapshots from BostonCross street from Long Wharf, is the Custom House, which was established in the 17th century. The current tower was built in 20th century and is now the timeshare, Marriott Vacation Club Pulse.

One India Apartments; State Street fund, an investment firm; The Black Rose; Boston Public House.


Quincy Market changed a bit, rundown; isn’t what it used to be.

Faneuil Hall, the cradle of liberty built and given to the town of Boston by Peter Faneuil. South Market. Samuel Adams Park and Tap Room.


The Old State House was built in 1713, is at coroner of State and Congress streets nowadays, a subway station, etc. The Old South Meeting House. Paramount, Opera House, Boston Ballet, on Washington Street.

Sunset 7:54pm

Jul 29 2021

New England, 2021

Another research trip to New England, from Thursday July 29 to Sunday August 1.

We packed many agendas but as the trip progresses, we also came up on some unexpected discoveries, pleasantly surprised, indeed.

Trip to the unknown!

My itinerary:

  1. Thu, 7.29 Newport: Lighthouse; art museum Lobster Bar; tennis hall of fame
  2. Fri, 7.30 Rockport: Fairhaven cemetery; the Ice Cream Store; Moore LobsterChristian Sands @ Liu
  3. Sat, 7.31  BostonBunker Hill Museum @ Charlestown; cemetery; Yunnan Rice Noodle; Chart House on Long Wharf;
  4. Sun, 8.01 American Heritage MuseumSpringfield Armory @ Springfield

On the way home we can’t find a restaurant that open on Sunday: all due to shortage of staff. Not sure if we would coexist with the covid-19 pandemic onward.

Jul 26 2018

The Hawkes House

Derby Street
Salem, MA 01970

Sitting between Derby’s and the Customs House, it’s designed by famed architect Samuel McIntire from Salem, for Elias Hasket and Elizabeth Derby. (nps)Construction began on the building in 1780 and never finished it. Benjamin Hawkes, who owned a shipyard next to Derby Wharf purchased it in 1800.

Jul 26 2018

Narbonne House

71 Essex St,
Salem, MA 01970

The grey Narbonne House is behind the Derby’s, on Essex Road (nps). It’s built in 1675 for butcher Thomas Ives, illustrating how the midddle class lived. It’s limited opening time which I missed.


Jul 26 2018

Derby House and Wharf

160 Derby Street
Salem, MA 01970

This house was built in 1762, as a wedding gift to Elias Hasket and Elizabeth Crowninshield Derby. It’s looking out to the namesake wharf, east of Pickering Wharf. Behind the house is a rectangle garden. One yellow house over is the Customs.


Derby Whraf is 1/2 mile long jetty with the chubby light station at the tip.



Jul 26 2018

Milton Cemetery

211 Centre St,
Milton, MA 02186

Milton Cemetery was established in 1672 for the town – the only municipal burying ground; added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004. It’s less than a mile from Forbes House.