Apr 7 2020

Five Genii 五仙观

Temple of the Five Immortals in Guangzhou (Canton), from LOC:

Mar 7 2020

Shamian Island 沙面岛

It became a tiny island off Guangzhou in 1859 during the second opium war, when Brits and French dug a river, separating it from the Guangzhou main land. It’s now 900 meters from EW, mere 300m NS direction. It was also known as Shameen or Shamin. Shamian means “sandy surface”.

wiki, circa 1920

The English Bridge is seen at the top, NS directional (having 3/5 portion of the Island) and the French Bridge is to the right, NE directional, where the French Concession was, about 2/5 of the Island.

On the Island now, there are:

Some old photos are mostly from LOC,