Mar 16 2021

Gate 1 tours

My first experience with this tour operator begun in 2021, to Turkey. For some reason, Turkey proves to be untrainable for me, since 1984.

Booking the tour is a bit of struggle: the site Gate 1 Travel isn’t function well. When I wake up this morning, it still Applying Payment..

I called, and after 18 minutes wait, the rep says that after the long pandemic hibernation, they’re slowly waking up. Yes, the site has bugs. He helped to book my tour and honored the $560 discount that was expired last night – which is why I signed up as quickly as I could. The total is off but I feel it’s ok, give them some time to work it out.

The single room supplement is $700 for the trip. After finding a roommate, they reimbursed me. The roommate signed up two days later but since we use the same reservation number, I asked the company to offer her the same discount because she would see mine – they agreed. This made my roomy very happy.