Feb 6 2024

The auction

Day 18: Wednesday, Feb 7

The captain’s farewell reception is cancelled due to the rough sea of Drake Passage. But we’re or they’re able to hold the auction of few ship remnants, such as the flag, the map, etc., plus a few other items, such as a bottle of whisky … etc. The proceed will benefit the crew.  AJ is the auctioneer and the bidding is quite enthusiastic.


3 hours away from the port of Ushuaia, in the corridor of Beagle Channel, is Isla Gable island on the right (to the north). This part of BC is known as the eastern, shared by Argentina to the north and Chile to the south, is used by the Antarctic cruises between Ushuaia and South Shetland Islands. A few photos I took here shown Chile as the location. The western part of Channel is Chile’s entirely.



Feb 6 2024

El Viejo Marino

Our ship is in the background; and the waiting crowds 

Av. Maipú 227

… more pix on Google Maps

Won’t return.

The low three star is totally due to my personal preference and experience: it takes a lot to impress a New Yorker. In any cases, they probably deserve 4 star: very accommodating, good service with a smile …

We got there at 7:39pm and seated by 8:49, sharing a table with another couple. (Or wait more time for a table for two. Most tables sit four.)

Two small dining halls, side by side. Our side can sit 18 people, and can stretch out for a few more.

No frill but they do it with a kind smile. By mistake, we ordered wrong food. The couple who sat at the same table took over and explained to them what we might want (the lady knew exactly what we wanted …) the restaurant took our food back without any fuss. Very sorry but many thanks.

We shared a king crab. (All the time I wondered why the hell did I wait for an hour for? Doesn’t New York have it better?…) I think we waited only bec we were finally got on shore after 18 days at sea. A friend recommended this place. And we didn’t have any other thing to do for the evening. We’ve enough of ship’s ‘fine dining’ – just want a change. The yellow rice is tasteless. The salad has no dressing.

A few my Chinese shipmates found this place too. They took endless videos and photos, which is a nuance at this tiny restaurant. The Chinese are oblivious and the restaurant is unfailingly polite about it.
The snow crab isn’t any tastier. I’ll take Maryland blue crab any given day!!!

I tried, and I move on.

Jan 21 2024

Tourist Port @ Ushuaia

Puerto Turístico (Tourist Port)
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

… more pix & videos on Google Map

The cruise ship port has one pier: small and efficient. Our plane touched down at Malvinas Argentinas International Airport at 1:21pm. On the bus at 1:40, drove off 9 minutes later. It’s 15 minutes ride to the port. We boarded our ship at 2pm.

There is a check point, so do bring your passport if you want to visit the city (and return to the ship).

The white strips in the middle of the pier is for us, the pedestrians. When the wind is strong, there are safety guards blowing whistler, to remind you to walk on the white lines, not to be blown into the water.


Jan 21 2024

Ushuaia 乌斯怀亚

fin del mundo the end of the world sign by the port of Ushuaia. Our ship Diana is left most. More pix on Google Maps.  

The end of the world. The capital of Tierra del Fuego. Population 82,615 (2022 census).

~ the airport USH
~ tourist port
~ El Viejo Marino

It’s a little less than 3.5 hours flight from Buenos Aires.

The city reminds me of Alaska and Reykjavik – duh -:).

Hard Rock Cafe on Av Maipu/Maipú ↓ and on Diana

This young lady is a local contract worker, who is on our bus, both times. She’s outgoing and chatty. Swan (or local contractor) hires her only to help out at the airport, taking us to and from the ship. She asked where we’re from. For simplify, I said New York. Sorry Florida … I don’t mean to overlook you!

Her eyes lighted up, “Oh I was there for a week a few years ago.”
“Really? How did you like it?”
“Oh I LOVE it! Wish I could go back.”
“DO go.” I egg her on.
She just smiled. Did I detect a little 无奈 She seems like a girl with ambition, that’s bit too big for Ushuaia.

随遇而安 Take things as they come is an idiom. I suppose immigrants like me are somewhat ambitious? Who am I to say a frog in a well 井底之蛙 isn’t happy?

Ok, the backdrop of the town is the snow capped Martial Range. The front is our cruise ships on the Beagle Channel, and oh, howling wind.

Av. Prefectura Naval Argentina is on the water, that leads to the cruise port. There is Tia Elvira, a king crab restaurant that a friend has recommended but unfortunately it closes on Sundays. MEF Museo del Fin del Mundo, End of the World Museum

Av. Maipu is their main street. There is a Hard Rock Cafe, didn’t see a McDonald (maybe I missed it…)

We travel light: carryon only. So the first thing after landing is to hunt for a bottle of Listerine, the mouth wash. Finally found a supermarket that is open, and sells it.

我们出游总是轻装上阵: 就一件携带行李. 因此, 每到一个地方后第一件事就是寻找李施德林(Listerine)漱口水.
昨天的远征也不容易 主要星期天很多地方都不上班.
一靓仔哥介绍吃帝王蟹的餐馆也不开门 简直走鸡 哦 应该是走蟹

吃完闭门羹之后就继续我们的漱口水远征. We’d dine at El Viejo after the Antarctic trip

Wind 💨
Wind 🌬️
and more Howling wind at Ushuaia

昨天启航前 风继续吹 … 想念哥哥喔 虽二风是风马牛 (风马牛不相及) [偷笑]

小说明 码头上的白色条是给行人走的. 当有人想走近船时 警卫不停的吹口哨 警告我们回白条… 不想行人被吹进海里. 还真是 劲风呼啸 轻飘飘的 亦步亦趋 等下一个小风才敢迈步向前… 当时就想 … 为啥要减肥呀 以前的300磅 该有多美好啊😆

Jan 21 2024

Aerolineas, Argentine’s airline

over Ushuaia

Aerolineas Argentinas is one of the handful airlines that goes to Ushuaia.

… more pix on Google Maps.

The chartered B737, AR1952, out of EZE (Ministro Pistarini International Airport) is scheduled to depart at 9:45. The boarding stair is removed at 9:45 and we took off at 9:56. It landed 1:21. 1:40 on the bus #1 to our ship Diana. 9 minutes, we’re off.

Breakfast tray has good looking plastic white containers. Yogurt in a glass jar. I wanted to ask them if they’re throwing the jar away – so I can keep it, but decided against: my language skill and we’re too far away from home. I’m a nut, even entertain the idea. Oh well.

Jan 21 2024

USH: Ushuaia airport

V9401 Ushuaia
Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina
Aeropuerto Internacional de Ushuaia

… more pix on Google Maps

Small. Timer. Function well.

Our cruise chartered plane touched down at Malvinas Argentinas International Airport at 1:21pm. On the bus at 1:40, drove off 9 minutes later. It’s 15 minutes ride to the port. We boarded our ship at 2pm.

I only have a carry on but the couple in front of me to the bus have retrieved their checked in luggage. I’m pretty impressed with its efficiency.

… one too many aerial photos -:) taken with my iPhone.