Sep 21 2022

JFK to KEF on IcelandAir

Terminal 7 @ JFK

IcelandAir uses Terminal 7 @ JFK. It’s bit pitiful, feels like a refugee camp, messy and probably old.

Our flight FI614 to Reykjav

Aug 31 2022

LGA: LaGuardia Airport

Terminal C Delta 
New York, NY

When Joe Biden was Vice President, he commented that New York City

Aug 29 2022

Air Train to JFK

93-02 Sutphin Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11435

Don’t say that New York doesn’t have an airport express train. We certainly do: $8 fare for a total of 8.1 miles. It feels more like the tram between terminals in an airport than a viable transportation to an airport with a schedule and guaranteed time.

Where it is?

  • Jamaica.

Where is Jamaica?

  • May well be in the Caribbeans.

What trains or subway lines go to Jamaica Station?

  • LIRR Port Washington and Long Beach lines; and subway E, J and Z lines.

How effective it is? 

We live without it. Most people don’t know it. We have been living well without it. A piece of nothing.

Today, I tried it, so I can blog here, legitimately. My journey to JFK cost $22.25:

  • $9.25 LIRR Great Neck to Woodside
  • $5 LIRR Woodside to Jamaica
  • $8 AirTrain (pay at entry)

Journey back home cost $10.75

  • $8 AirTrain (pay at exit)
  • $2.75 subway E to Jackson Height to Flushing
  • $0 N20G bus from Flushing to Great Neck

Any one would like to try the route to JFK? NOT ME. Neither Penn Station nor Grand Central have direct trains go to Jamaica Station in Queens. So, it is a piece of nothing.


Aug 2 2022

WeWork in the City

530 7th Ave
New York, NY

One of many companies or individuals use a work place. A receptionist sits by the entrance and direct the traffic: “I’ll let them know that you’re here.” I know long before the internet, many Chinese companies were sharing an office in a prestigious building, such as WTC the World Trade Center.

Aug 2 2022

Joshua Bell & Jonathon Heyward

Alice Tully Hall
1941 Broadway @ 65th St.
New York, NY 10023

What A night! Joshua Bell played two pieces, with the dynamic new conductor Jonathon Heyward (like a 🕺 dance … not sure if he does yoga ). Beethoven capped the night. The audience is very appreciative and gave resounding applauses – no encore thou.

Both Bell and Heyward gave short speeches. It’s Bell’s mother’s 87th birthday, sweet – his mom and sister Rachel were in the audience too.

Heyward is an American conductor since 2016. Growing up in South Carolina and trained as a cellist and chamber musician. His parents are not in the musical field. He’s very pleasant to watch. Would like to see more of him. He def hit off with us, the tough New York crowd.

The program – four pieces:

  1. SIMON Fate Now Conquers
  2. VIEUXTEMPS Violin Concerto No. 5
  3. PRICE Adoration
  4. BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 2

Avery Fisher Hall was renamed to David Geffen Hall in September 2015. The renovation took place this year, reportedly will be reopen this autumn.

今天是贝尔妈妈87岁生日 🎂 温馨


Jul 11 2022

Liberty Island

New York, NY

This small island of 14 acres in New York harbor, south of tip of Manhattan is well known for its famous resident, the lady liberty. The statue can be seen from many places in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

I’ve been to the island in 1994 successful and in 2017 unsuccessfully due to purchasing wrong tickets. City Experience is the official operator that takes you onto the island. They’re at Castle Clinton at the tip of Manhattan.

Going there


The island. It was known as Bedloe’s Island in the past. The famous resident Lady Liberty (a gift from French) was designed by sculptor Fr

Jul 10 2022

Taco Vista on Governors Island

140 Carder Rd
New York, NY 10004

Taco Vista is on Governors Island, very convenient locates to the ferry. We only have drinks, and leave after seeing the ferry emptied itself.

The city view is great but once sitting down, is blocked by the black wire fence.


Jul 10 2022

Liberty to South St Seaport

After three islands hopping in Manhattan, I turned right and went to the Seaport.

Pier 6

Pier 17

Jul 10 2022

Ellis Island

New York

This island is a stone throw away from Liberty Island. Actually we get there from Liberty, on the same ticket.

It was the busiest immigration processing center, from 1892 to 1954. The immigrants who had gone through there, estimates to be 40% of US population today. My father in law’s grandparents were among them, even Chinese immigrant was a fraction in numbers compared to  empires of German, Russian, and Finland, UK, Italy, etc. It was estimated that the facility could process 5,000 immigrants a day. The main building (rebuilt after 1897 fire) had won a gold medal at Paris Exposition in 1900.

The exhibits and the hall

The library

Jul 10 2022

Island hopping in Manhattan

Three islands in one day, in New York: Liberty (14 acres), Ellis (27 acres) and Governors (172 acres, zip 10004). It’s a lovely day, sunny, dry and cool. We’ve lunch at The View @ Battery and a drink at Taco Vista on Governors Island. Walked 6.2 miles.

Liberty Island has the Statue of Liberty and a museum that was opened in 2019.

Ellis Island was the former immigration gateway on the east coast.

Governors Island was a former military base.

South Street