Sep 11 2022

Six Six Dimpling

136-20 Roosevelt Ave, #29
Flushing, NY 11354
Tel (917) 563-1243

This vendor is at the lower level food court in the complex on the SE corner of Main and Roosevelt. They’re at the corner to the right. I’ve visited them pretty often. Before for their radish cake (no longer offered bec it was too time consuming, per Manager Huang), now the fried dumplings. Overall, their foods are on the sweet side, and stingy on portion. Good thing is that they take credit card but overcharged me.

  • fried dumplings 生煎包 $8 for six ($10 for eight) – pretty good
  • meatball 狮子头 $7.5 for three – pretty good
  • fried yellow fish 炸小黄鱼 – uncleaned $10
  • 烤麸 $8 – ok
  • pig’s feet 猪脚 $10 – not tender

It’s interesting to note, they advertise the fried dumpling $7.99 and $9.99 but made no effort to return the penny – not that I care but it reminds me of my experience in Beijing as well.

Sep 9 2022

Rongwang 旺盛

136-51 Roosevelt Ave
Flushing, NY 11354

Opening hours are daily, 7:30am to 9pm.
A newly opened (one month old) Cantonese restaurant, right outside of the subway escalator.

The young lady is very friendly. The service is good. Food is slightly above average. We took them to the US Open, which is great:

S1 Dumplings – ok
H2 Rice noodle chow fun and beef 干炒牛河 – very good
T3 roasted duck – ok

They’ve one big and clean bathroom.

For the convenience, after US Open I returned for more

~ E12 beef stew – good
~ Beef and bitter melon – good (huge pieces)
~ T6 n T7 roast pig 叉烧 n 烧猪肉 – good
~ E15 salty fish, chicken and eggplant – this classic dish began with tofu but they use eggplant which is pretty good
Wish them good luck and prosper.

Aug 27 2022

Zongzi 粽子 @ New York Food Court

133-35 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY 11354

I thought this food mall has closed. But it isn’t. So I’m pretty happy to find my faved beancurd vendor, they now charge $8 per order.

Also I got two kinds of wonton from Happy Lemon: their qicai wanton 荠菜餛飩 is good $7 per big order. The regular Shanghai wonton ($6) is not good at all.

A lady is making zongzi, the sticky rice dumplings warped in multiple bamboo leaves. It uses glutinous rice with fills – can be salty, like meats, dried sausages, or sweet, such as red bean paste, served during duanwu 端午 or dragon boat festival, commemorating poet and politician Qi Yuan 屈原 (340-278 BC ). Because it uses the lunar calendar – on the fifth day of the fifth month. So each year has different date.  2022 is on June 3rd. It’s convenient to consume, so you can find it year around now.

Jul 24 2022

Kyuramen Noodles 九汤屋

38-35 Bell Blvd
Bayside, NY 11361

Won’t return

95 degree – a heat advisory day and their a/c is on strike. We stayed because of hunger and also the decor.

The lone girl at front desk is super busy – they need two people there.

The two ramen are good. Omirice – omelette or eggs over fried rice – is long on look short on taste. Okonomiyaki, had it better elsewhere.

As we’re waiting to pay, I discovered the sales tax has gone up to 8.875%. Thought was 8.625 before?

Wireless charging on the table – but don’t forget it.

Although I don’t drink sweet beverage at all but I think it would be a nice gesture for them to provide a free cold drink to everyone from their tea bar, due to broken a/c.

Street parking is easy to find – at 1pm on a Sunday.


Jun 29 2022

Bus service

Bus 20G’s stop on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing. This is one of the Nassau Inter-Bounty Express Lines, outside of New York City. Daxi is pretty popular Sichuan cuisine restaurant.

Apr 11 2022

How a rumor stars

Meeting two friends in the city. One of them said, she heard there is a terror attack in Times Square yesterday and the Americans are not reporting it. “I get it from China.” Both are from China and have lived in US for an extended period. They turned to me, “Have you heard?”

“No.” I said.

“See, they don’t report bad news. There are so many police men and fire tracks, how could it not be an attack?”

I knew fire trucks are everywhere when there is an emergency. Years ago when the apartment above us had a leak into our apartment, the fire trucks came after I called 911. I specifically said there was only water lead.

Would this friend’s ignorance with fire truck results in a rumor … “see, xyz lives in US and said, the Americans don’t report bad news …”

#7 subway in late morning is pretty empty. Instead, many bikes. The  42nd Street Times Square station.

Apr 11 2022

Joe’s Steam Rice Roll on a slow day

A slow Monday morning in Flushing. It takes only about 3 minutes to have my order done. On weekends, it took about 20 minutes.

A young man explains the difference between large and small orders: more meat in large, that’s all.

Dec 9 2021

#7 subway IRT

Roosevelt Ave @ Main Street
Flushing, NY  

Many call this purple subway IRT line the Oriental Express because one end of it is in Flushing, from Times Square. It extended to Hudson Yard @ 34th Street in 2015. It has rush hour express line, which takes about 30 to get to 3rd AVenue at 42 Street. 


Dec 7 2021

Joe’s Steam Rice Roll 石磨肠粉王

136-21 Roosevelt Ave
Flushing, NY 11354

This little shop is inside a mini mall, Landmark Quest Mall 地王商场 on Roosevelt Ave, two buildings away from Main Street. Don’t let the facade stop you. Be brave, venturing inside.

Passing by this litter shop inside a mini mall countless  times and even ordered once long time ago. Glad to see they’ve a page on yelp. They make the rice roll fresh and now even provide a few veggies at no extra charge – you can choose up to three. I got a regular beef roll small for $4 (large is $6). Silky as usual. The veggies add extra texture and flavor to their super good and delicious rice roll. I went on a weekday at 10:30am, there are six workers. They must be very busy during the rush hours. Good luck and stay well. I think they take credit cards.


On a slow Monday morning.

#Joe’sSteamRiceRoll #石磨肠粉王 in #Flushing

Sep 12 2021

JiangNan 江南食府

133-42 39 Avenue
Flushing, NY 11355

Passing by this one since their opening day, under a different name.

Will return.

Fresh flowers, pretty tiles, good service, pleasant decor, delicious tea (light, which I like), not noisy (!!) and decent food.

I particularly like the Beef Ox Tongue. The grill fish which is their specialty is fine but I won’t have it again: over priced for a dead fish.