Aug 4 2016

Georgetown Cupcake

3301 M Street NW
(corner of 33rd & M)
Washington, DC 20007

Is it really delicious, worth waiting for hours? Ummmm … I don’t think so. But their cupcakes do taste pretty good. So to avoid waiting on line, you can order online.

image image

So far, they’ve opened five more stores:

  1. Bethesda
  2. New York is at 111 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012 (Soho)
  3. Boston
  4. Los Angles
  5. Atlanta

Jul 22 2016

Kimpton Hotel Palomar

2121 P Street NW
Washington, DC 20037
(202) 448-1800

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It’s at Dupont Circle, 2 steps from the Freshfarm Market. They assess $20 per room per night resort fee or room fee. Not sure this considers cheating – the extra $22.90 (with tax)  – a little surprise after check in. They’ve rooms available, ranging $149-$249, average $200 a night.

May 24 2016

Dean & DeLuca

On M Street in Georgetown. This is a chain store, ready eat, upscale. Their first one was set in New York City (SoHo district) by partners Joel Dean, Giorgio DeLuca and Jack Ceglic in September 1977.

image image image image image image image image

May 23 2016

New York, is just simply the best

My child received couple of roses at the graduation and I debated if to bring them home because they didn’t look too good. But my mother-in-law convinced me that a little water would do wonder.

IMG_2334 IMG_0399 05-23


May 22 2016

Key Bridge

I walk the bridge from Rosslyn Virginia side, to Georgetown, DC.

IMG_0306 IMG_0307 IMG_0372 IMG_0315

May 22 2016

The last day

Bye bye Georgetown, for now. It’s the moving out day but there are many events going on at the school.

IMG_2327 IMG_2321  IMG_2309 IMG_2306 IMG_2313 IMG_2314

… clean out the house.

IMG_0352 IMG_0355

There are more events to attend but we skipped: we’re all well spent. We dropped off our child at the airport. I walked the Key bridge for the last time, for the time being.

May 22 2016

DC Freshfarm Market

IMG_0251 - Copy
We’ve visited this Dupont Circle market in Feb during the senior weekend. The weather’s the same: cloudy mixed with drizzling, unfortunately. I so hoped for a clear blue skies.

Many vendors are still there and a few aren’t. The old sea captain is again, stirring his multiple pots.


IMG_0252 IMG_0253

The dumpling guys are there but the coffee guys aren’t – I’ve hoped to see them there and try their geisha beans.

May 21 2016

The commencement

Finally, at last, we get to attend the commencement when and where they’ll receive their degrees. It’s at Leavey Center ballroom. The ensemble is phenomenal, they serenade us with Beethoven‘s No 5 (4th movement). Could there be any better ending than this – I always feel his music is about overcoming and triumph. The commencement book is thick as a tome. The kids came in before their professors/faculties – the music is just marvelous. Thanks for giving us a memorable and wonderful ending.

IMG_0022 IMG_0026 IMG_0036 IMG_0047 IMG_0053 IMG_0041

A reception is followed. The weather is bit cold and rainy.

IMG_0065 IMG_0067 IMG_0070 IMG_0074 IMG_0077 IMG_0088

May 21 2016

Rose Park Recreation Center

This little park between the P and Pennsylvania Ave streets NW bridges and along the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway NW in Georgetown D.C. was created in 1918, primarily to serve the black population – African American children. It’s tennis courts. Pennsylvania Ave NW bridges leads into M Street.

IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0172 IMG_0207 IMG_0209

May 21 2016

Epiphany Catholic Church in Georgetown

2712 Dumbarton Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20007

I walked by this church a few times. The home page of the church displays Pastor Rev. Adam Y. Park, an Asian. Here is an reporting by the Washington Post in 2006, oral history ‘We’re Still Here’.

IMG_0156 IMG_0157