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A night out

Nov 7 2014

Jiangsu 江苏省

An eastern-central coastal province of China. It’s capital Nanjing/Nanking is 186 miles/300 km northwest of Shanghai. According to wiki – Jiangsu is the second smallest, but the fifth most populous and the most densely populated of the 22 provinces of the People’s Republic of China. Jiangsu has the second highest GDP of Chinese provinces, after Guangdong.

The well known cities are

Sep 4 2011

Shanghai 魅力江南八日游

Nexus Holidays offer a tour that was hard to refuse: 6 nights of 4 stars hotel plus 3 meals a day, all for US$49 per person. Kid under 18 adds additional $200; plus tips for the guide US$48 per person ($8 x 6 days). P.S. This kind of tour becomes a main stay.

I first learned it from my cousin Don in VA which offered it at US$99, then my cousin Sophie in LA told me it’s only US$49. Since I’ve never traveled with my Jiujiu and family so I decided to join them even it’s inconvenient my already booked/planned schedule.

We took the newly minted CRH Beijing

Aug 1 2011

Wuxi pearls

Ok, I bough this one for

Jul 31 2011

Wuxi’s Buddha

Lingshan Grand BuddhaMore pix on FB in Wuxi

Jul 31 2011

How and what they ride ..

Ordinary folks on their motor bikes in Wuxi. (I’m still on NY time, 12 hours behind)
Wuxi, July 31, 2011 Wuxi, July 31, 2011 (2)

Jul 31 2011

Wuxi, Taihu

太湖 Lake Tai, the Grand Lake in Wuxi.

The tallest building in Wuxi; and the Wuxi hospitality

Jul 31 2011

Wuxi Buddha

Maji Mountain area, the Lingshan Grand Buddha is one of the tourist attractions in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. The Lingshan Brahma Palace is pretty remarkable (Youtube video).

The experience would have been more enjoyable with lower temperature and lesser crowds

Zhao Puchu (November 5, 1907

Nov 27 2010

Wuxi 无锡

Sunday, July 7, 1985

I didn’t even remember that I’ve ever been to Wuxi if weren’t for those pictures.

I was in Shanghai for the Automotive China’85 which closed on Sunday. YZ was going to go with for the excursion but backed out at the last second. So it was me, the big bearded engineer from home office in Hamburg and Yu (couldn’t remember who’s girl was ..) More pictures here ..
… did I have 无锡肉骨头 for lunch?? …