Dec 28 2009

Lincoln Center during the holidays

Dec 28, 2009

Met Opera @ Lincoln Center

The NY City Ballet @ Lincoln Center

The Avery Fisher Hall @ Lincoln Center

Dec 16 2009

Mens doubles?

Two dudes were jamming at Times Square, on 42nd Street at Broadway, in front of a Gap store.

Times Square during Christmas

Dec 10 2009

US Open 2009

June 17 – Last day of practice at Bethpage State Park.


Dec 10 2009


Xaviars on the Hudson X2O in the Yankers, on a beautiful autumn day. More pics here Westchester restaurant

Dec 5 2009

Shandong Tour Guide Scene Exam, 2009


As a garden inside a garden neighboring the park to the west is the quiet scenic Wanzhu Garden (garden of thousands of bamboo trees), which consists of 13 different courtyards on a land area of 12,000 square meters. As a private garden of unique features, there are such well-known gushing springs as Wangshuiquan, Baiyunquan, and Donggaoquan along with rockeries and plants. The construction of the garden took many years from Yuan Dynasty until now. Some of its owners are Yin Shizhan, Prime Minister of the Qing Dynasty, Wang Ping, a poet of the Qing Dynasty and warlord Zhang Huaizhi during the Civil War period. It was officially open to the public in 1984. The Li Kuchan Memorial was set up here in 1986 to store and exhibit masterpieces of this great Chinese painter. As the largest exhibition of Chinese paintings and calligraphy works, there are over 200 paintings and cultural treasures in 18 exhibition halls. Also put on show all year round in the garden are over 200 pieces of ancient furniture and cultural relics of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Following the pattern of the traditional Chinese northern residences of square courtyard with houses on four sides, this garden absorbs characteristics of classic gardens in South China. There are twisting corridors connecting all courtyards surrounded by dotted storied houses, halls, and pavilions. Also boasting as three artistic extremes are the stone, wood and brick carvings in the garden, which is listed into An Illustrated Handbook of Traditional Chinese Folk Residence in 1993. Wanzhu Garden is no doubt a precious cultural relic whether in terms of gardening art or historic cultural treasure


Dec 3 2009

Street scenes

Kissena Boulevard and Sanford Avenue
Kissena Boulevard and Sanford Avenue

Kissena Boulevard, Main Street and 41st Avenue
Kissena Boulevard, Main Street and 41st Avenue

Dec 3 2009


The junction of Kissena Blvd/Main Street and 41 Avenue.