Sep 22 2011

Autumn in New York

I love autumn.

2011 Nov 24 at Shadow Lane, etc.
2010 Nov 3 at Great Neck
2010 Oct 23 at Great Neck South High
2009 Nov 12 at Kissen Park

Sep 18 2011

Oakland Lake

Bayside, NY

In 1988

Oakland Lake is a 15,000-year-old spring-fed glacial kettle pond located in Alley Pond Park. The lake, once known as Mill Pond, became known as Oakland Lake, named for the 19th century estate on this site called

Sep 9 2011

China 2011, the bonding trip

My 2011 China trip

July 28 – Aug 4 Shanghai 魅力江南八日游 – 济贫团

  • 7/29 Fri Beijing-Shanghai, 

Sep 4 2011

Shanghai 魅力江南八日游

Nexus Holidays offer a tour that was hard to refuse: 6 nights of 4 stars hotel plus 3 meals a day, all for US$49 per person. Kid under 18 adds additional $200; plus tips for the guide US$48 per person ($8 x 6 days). P.S. This kind of tour becomes a main stay.

I first learned it from my cousin Don in VA which offered it at US$99, then my cousin Sophie in LA told me it’s only US$49. Since I’ve never traveled with my Jiujiu and family so I decided to join them even it’s inconvenient my already booked/planned schedule.

We took the newly minted CRH Beijing

Sep 3 2011

A fancy phone


iPhone with a giant earbud in pink; 2011/6/29