Oct 23 2018

China Now @ Carnegie Hall

China Now Music Festival shoowcasing Chinese composers @ Carnegie. Cai Jindong 蔡金冬conducts. Mr. Yu 俞 is there too, in the audience. The music is so so – too modern for my taste. Our comp tickets are front and center @ Parquet E row.

Hyatt across the street is opened


Oct 23 2018

Still green

2018.10.23 @ 3:13

Normally by now, we’d see the pretty foliage but not this year. The warm weather doomed our sights. The autumn leaves on Long Island haven’t changed – this report updates out on Wednesdays.


Oct 22 2018

Cruising in the Chinese waters

It’s not easy, apparently. NCL’s Norwegian Joy leaves China in 2018 诺唯真退出中国市场… Here are some reports on the cruises in China.

  • 2019.7.11, scmp: Chinese tourist-led cruise ship boom sails into troubled environmental waters
  • 2019.6.10, Wired Forget the Bahamas. China’s Cruises Are Where It’s At
  • 2019.6.08, Economist: What slumping demand for cruises says about Chinese tourists
  • 2018, skift: Norwegian cruise line is moving its built for China ship to the us
  • 2018.10.25, Market Screener: NCL leaves China
  • 2018.10.10, 诺唯真退出中国市场
  • 2018.7.18, Travel Weekly: Built for China the Norwegian Joy is headed elsewhere
  • 2018.3.30, scmp: Angry Chinese tourists stage another noisy patriotic

Oct 20 2018

South Street Seaport Museum

12 Fulton Street
New York

The museum is tiny, housed in Schermerhorn Row. It’s good for my research purpose but not sure the

Oct 20 2018

St. Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Church Wall Street

The caption The corner of Broadway and Ann Street, shown here as it looked in 1831, would in the future be made famous by P.T. Barnum, still only an apprentice hoaxer. The American Museum he would acquire was now located in its new, five-story marble building (far left), opposite St. Paul’s Church. Later in the decade, the building at right would give way to the grand new Astor Hotel.

We call it St. Paul, four blocks north of Trinity @ 209 Broadway in New York. This Bell of Hope was gifted by mayor of London and the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2002.9.11. It rings annually on Sept. 11, in memory of the attack, of HOPE not tragedy.


Oct 20 2018

Trinity Church

75 Broadway
New York, NY 10006

Left corner is Soldiers’ Monument, 1852. Honoring Revolutionary War soldiers  

In 1986

The steeple is on Broadway, one end to Wall Street. The other side is on Trinity Pl which facing to American Stock Exchange AMEX (86 Trinity Place). The main hall is under renovation.

The 39 foot tall (11.9 m) Astor Cross was installed in 1914 by Carrie, in memory of her mother Mrs. AstorCaroline ‘Lina’ Schermerhorn who died in 1908. Lina was the granddaughter of Peter Schermerhorn who built the Schermerhorn Row @ South Street Seaport. This cenotaph was designed by Thomas Nash.


Oct 20 2018

Oculus in the autumn

The rose at Zuccotti Park, Century 21. More photos during this summer


Oct 20 2018

Pier 11

One of the many piers of New York, south of Pier 15, a little southwest of Wall Street.


Oct 20 2018

Pier 15

South of Pier 16, with the resturant Industrial Kitchen.


Oct 20 2018

Wavetree @ Pier 16

One of many piers in New York, @ South Street Seaport.