Aug 31 2019

The GoGo’s

Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go’s, a band from LA performed to close the summer, with the sunset as the background. There is much to be appreciated and discussed. The weather is great, so is the company. The park is well maintained (entrance to the bathrooms). The music is good, to my surprise. With tennis, I walked a total 7.1 miles


Aug 20 2019

Apple of Manhasset

The Apple stores in New York are mostly glasses. This one is in the Americana.


Aug 19 2019

698 Cafe

Dongpo Pork: L to R: reality and the lie – on their menu.
39-07 Prince St
Flushing, NY 11354

Probably won’t return.

Once up on a time, there was a poet from Song Dynasty who, among many talents, was a gastronome. Rightfully, a dish is named after him, Su Dongpo (1037 

Aug 18 2019

Central Park 中央公园

Manhattan’s gem, 843 acres, since 1853 … it was the first landscaped public park in the United States.



2016.05.30 @ Jackie O Reservoir


2016.04.12 @ Turtle Pond



image IMG_1158


Boat rental .. Cash only
$20 refundable deposit
$12 for the first hour
$3 each additional 15 minutes
4 persons per boat max, no exceptions

Aug 11 2019

The Pastoral

seven seconds recording of the fire

The Sunday matinee at Tanglewood is anchored by Beethoven’s 6th symphony. It’s so appropriated to listen to on the grass, under a glorious skies. Families. Friends. Lovers. Butter drinker – me.

However, the turnaround time is very tight: ours started at 2:30 and the evening is at 8pm. We sat in traffic for 86 minutes. It’s horrible, totally avoidable, which makes me think to come again twice …


Aug 11 2019

Shaker Mill Books

3 Depot St,
West Stockbridge, MA 01266

Oh my. I’m speechless. I’m elated by stumbling into this little gem. Old red barn. crackling floor. desk that built with books. the walls that filled with books. a dress made with 850 pages from a dictionary. typewriters. The room with a view.


Aug 11 2019

Shaker Dam Coffeehouse

2 Main St,
West Stockbridge, MA 01266

This is a really nice cafe, mixed with arts. More art objects are on the second floor, which is open to public.  The outdoor area is substantial. We sat by the Williams River, the dam is behind us. On the other side, is the Shaker Mill bookstore.


Aug 11 2019

West Stockbridge

This town is even smaller than Stockbridge in the Berkshires, with a population of 1,306 in the 2010 census. But I find the town center is enchanting. With an unmanned tourist center, a public bathroom, a Shaker Cafe and Shaker Mill bookstore. The Rouge Bistro on Center, and Coffee Roastery and No Six Depot on Depot Street all look very nice. On the way to Tanglewood, we passed Olivia’s Overlook @ Yokun Ridge South, Hiking Trails.


A little off the Center Street, is the playhouse the Foundry (Particularly in the Heartland) and a Vietnamese restaurant with a deck full of ceramics.


Aug 11 2019

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

This Stockbridge church on Main Street has a lovely ceiling


Aug 11 2019

Red Lion Inn

30 Main St,
Stockbridge, MA 01262

~ A cup of coffee in 2021

A very lovely place. With a lot of history: since 1773. An old map of MA. An old elevator. Two phone booths. Even the bathroom is nicely decked out in pastel green and white. But, not sure I’d want to stay there.