Jan 30 2020

Anne-Sophie Mutter 1963-; 穆特

Carnegie Hall
57th St @ 7th Ave
New York

Mutter (1963-) kick starts the Beethoven 250th birth celebration – at least for me – with an all-Beethoven program. It’s a wonderful performance and she gave two encores at the end, easily.


The seating at Carnegie isn’t the best because the upper levels are very steep.

Passing by Times Square, the giant display of Be Strong China, due to the coronavirus that is ravaging Wuhan and the rest of the nation. Be strong and good luck.

Jan 29 2020

Wine tasting and ice skating

One of the last few sessions of out door ice skating in town. The fire makes me feeling warm. The wine taste offers three choices: Ros

Jan 27 2020

A book talk @ Asia Society

725 Park Ave
New York

What’s her name in Chinese characters? 

With a high hope, I went to Yan Lan’s talk @ Asia Society which is moderated by Bianna Golodryga of CNN, about Yan’s book, The House of Yan. It recounts her life from labor camps to top of echelon of western business.

One odd thing: she didn’t answer almost none of the questions, from the moderator to audience, and talked on and on, on her own.

She did her PhD in Switzerland and worked as a lawyer in France for 20 years before joining Lazard in 2011, and now as its CEO of Greater China. Very impressive resume. More info here.

Golodryga looks a lot like Maria Bathroom, the money honey. Golodryga said her husband works at Lazard and she scooped the interview with Huawei through Yan. A big happy family.


Jan 26 2020

The Inheritance

243 W 47th Street
New York

An Epic broadway play. All talks, all about gays. I’m so looking forward to the Part 2!

A relationship can be … the person who dances with you when music stops, or dinner – you got to have it to live on.

Many actors leave as we’re leaving too.

百老汇剧 承受 (和同名的一本书没有关系)

真不错 … 期待下场!

美国发现艾滋病是1981 在旧金山
承认 出来 挣扎 接受
警句多多 剧情有同感


剧三个多小时 2个间歇. 没有化妆和道具 … 演员和我们一起离开.

Jan 25 2020

Mandoo Bar

2 W 32nd St
New York

Not returning.

I had lunch but accidentally passed by it. When I saw the two ladies making dumplings in the window, I walked in. It reminds me of the Dumpling House at 328 Spadina Ave,  in Toronto – a must for me whenever I visited there.

The decor is simple and neat. I ordered small portion of chive pork dumpling (App Mewl Mandoo). Thick skin and the filling is too solid (packed, feeling dead), totally subpar.

My adventure for a good dumpling place in New York, Continues.


Jan 25 2020

Boucherie Union Square

225 Park Ave S.
New York, NY

Will return (next to Union Square Cafe). This one is under the same management as La Grande Boucherie in midtown.

By the Union Sq Park. Nice decor and the upright by the wall adds ambience. Years ago I was impressed by their scallops. Today I ordered it again and again, was pleased. The branzino is equally good. Their house wine Bordeaux white is delicious, so is the bread and butter – yes I finished the butter all by myself. Never seen a butter in my life -:)

Oh, when they discard the fake flowers for fresh ones, I’ll change to five star rating – at the price they’re charging, surely they can afford it. Pls make sure to refill the toilet seat paper.


Jan 25 2020

Sex and the City

It’s lunar new year for the Year of Rat. I found this photo of four girls appropriate for the occasion. I found this 90 minute tour on AirBnB, ($35). The host Ally meets us at Cowgirl bar to begin the tour. I watched many episodes and the movie.

It’s a rainy day. We first stop at Carrie’s apartment. The show was about four women as they navigate their dating life in Manhattan. But clearly it has male audience. These men inserted themselves in front of the apt and took photos. Oh boy.

The Magnolia Bakery at 401 Bleecker Street and W. 11th Street


… and at the end, we caught the rainbow …


Jan 25 2020

Cowgirl Hall of Fame

519 Hudson St
New York, NY 10014

A bar in the West village owned by a lady from Waco Texas. Checkered white and green plastic covered tables. To the left is the bar and right is a restaurant, serving chill and dogs. The Cosmo is $13 but strong. We were there because of Sex and the City

It’s Saturday 2pm. No one is cleaning the table and service the drinks. Not a problem at all. I got two cosmo from the bar and oh boy, they’re strong.
The bar side of the hall is narrow. Many guitars and other memorabilia are displayed on the wall. The light features over the bar are pretty.

Jan 24 2020

Hunt & Fish Club NYC

125 W 44th St,
New York, NY 10036

We went during the Restaurant Week. The two course lunch is $26. They messed up my reservation: first they sent me an email to say that my res is cancelled. When I got there at 12, the girl insisted that my reservation is 12:30. Not a problem since it was empty. But it’s kind of turn off. The fabric curtain by the entrance – suppose to keep the lounge from the cold – is funny, as if in a small street eatery. Over all, the food and service – other than too big of a portion – are ok. The decor is bit old, and stuffy, an out of date feel.


Jan 24 2020

Jazz at Rock

1 Rockefeller Center
New York

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

I found this jazz band from AirBnB ($35), playing in a club on top of Rock. The view is great. The setting is simple (the top floor is more intimate). The mini bar serves simple drinks and snakes. The music is fine. Over all, it’s relaxing, a good way to wind down a week and get ready for the weekend.