Sep 30 2021

Buildings, Prospect Park West

Scenes and buildings in and around 11th and Prospect Park West in Brooklyn.

  • Poly Prep Country Day School @ 50 Prospect Park West
  • Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture @ 53 Prospect Park West
  • 168 166 Prospect Park West


Sep 30 2021

Grand Army Plaza

Brooklyn: It was first named Prospect Park Plaza, opposite from the Park’s main entrance, on Flatbush Avenue. The black and white photo is from wikipedia.

Sep 30 2021

Vendors on the Parkway

Some buildings on the Eastern Pkwy in Brooklyn, NY. There are some vendors selling foods (mangos?) to the motorists as they drive by. This man even puts on some condiment (and yes, holding up the traffic) and the woman, has a toddler and perhaps a daughter or her friend with her. 




Sep 30 2021

The Evergreens Cemetery 

1629 Bushwick Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11207

When we go to Brooklyn, Jackie Robinson Parkway is the way to go. Much of the way, it cuts parks and cemeteries, which is pretty and relaxing.

This burial ground is on the Cemetery Belt, with upward of half a million dead. In 1929, it had only 4,000+.

Sep 30 2021

Prospect Park 展望公园, Brooklyn

The bathroom 

This urban park is the second in size to Marine Park (530 acres) in Brooklyn, with 526 acres (Central Park has 843 acres), a zoo. It’s next to Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Grand Army Plaza. The park was proposed in 1859 and opened in 1867. It was designed by the Central Park designers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.

Valiant 400  

On 27th of August in 1776, the battle of Long Island / Brooklyn / Brooklyn Heights took place. It was the first major battle during the American Revolutionary War. After suffering greatly, 400 Marylanders came to defend–many to their death, allowing George Washington to escape.

The Quaker cemetery (is closed)

There are multiple entrances into the park (the main by the Grand Army Plaza). Parking around the park is difficult. Part of the park looks rundown and part is in decent shape. Picnic, BBQ, boating ($26 for an hour), roller skating (LeFrak Center, ice skate in the winter) …  Some trails are fenced in, perhaps due to budget?

We entered from Prospect Park West @ 11th Street. Next to Harmony Playground are bathrooms. This is a dog friendly park, with off-leash period. The painting job has progressed over the day.

Tennis House is being renovated. It used to be the gathering place/club house for the lawn tennis courts, which are no longer exist. Prospect Park Tennis Center is located across Parkside Ave, at park’s sw corner.

A few trees have colors – foliage is coming soon; three ‘water falls’: the second one is near the Boat House.


The place is filled with park goers (don’t miss the hair color – nice, isn’t it?), joggers, bikers, fisherman and couple yoga.


The cute bathroom …

… and the entrances, buildings and structures: the Boat House, Carib Being House, … Prospect Park Alliance has set up their annual Gala, from Sept 27 to Oct 2.


… the more park photos.

A skateboarder is practicing by the Lincoln statue, which was designed by Henry Kirke Brown.

The park has a zoo too

Sep 30 2021

Dogs at the Prospect Park

This park is a dog friendly place: owners and dog walkers are everywhere in the park. There are areas have off-leash period, from 6am-9am and 9pm-1am.

Dog waters are as many as the dog owners seen in the park.

Sep 27 2021

Heckscher State Park

Heckscher Parkway Field 1
East Islip, NY 11730

It’s one of many parks on Long Island south shore, north of Fire Island. We used to go there for New York Philharmonic‘s free summer concerts, when kids were small. The crowds were not Tanglewood lots, unfortunately.

We discovered the pretty neat cottages for rental, looking out to the Great South Bay, with access to the beach.

More photos: home made moon cake; a white swan (no wake but the kids did it any way); a man in pink suit; mountain/all terrain bike.


Sep 25 2021

Day & night, and fire pit

The first fire of the season. Lit up the fire to welcome the autumn. Thai basil is pretty and has strong smell, bit spicy.

Sep 17 2021

Jade Asian Bistro 明都

249-32 Horace Harding Expy
Little Neck, NY 11362

This was the same location, as well as ‘decor’ from the former Pine Court a few years ago.

We came here for lunch – dim sum – a couple of times and I enjoyed it.

The tables are spaced out, which makes the atmosphere somewhat depressed. Also we went on weekdays. But food is very decent, which brought us back. Their beef rice noodles 干炒牛河 is my fave.


Sep 16 2021

Two bridges, 10-mile

A 50% rain day turned out to be a wonderful day for hiking in the city. We parked on Division Ave, two blocks from Peter Luger, took Williamsburg bridge to the City and back to Brooklyn via Brooklyn bridge and dinner at Peter Luger.

The loop is about 10 miles.

A big blister developed on the back of my right heal from wearing the wrong sock, my own fault.