Nov 18 2021

Palmer Vineyards

5120 Sound Ave
Aquebogue, NY 11901

Pinot Blanc has to be Long Island’s speciality. Out of four wines we tried, Merlot is bit raw but all other three are decent, and the Pinot is the best. Although I found the guy has better attitude but over all their service is good, on a Thursday in late November.

* No outside food any longer. NO tasting any more – this is disappointing; and they sell vodka. *

Below is for the LI vineyards in general

Time has changed: 30 some years ago when my friend would stuck out her tongue “turning red …” when I mentioned LI vineyards. Wine tasting was free. 20 years ago, many vineyards have renovated and they charged a fee for tasting (flats… and discount if you buy after tasting …) About a decade ago the low cut/high hem girls arrived in doves in limos, signaling the arrival of Long Island vineyards. But Napa they’re NOT.

We haven’t been back in couple of years and today we see “no outside food” sign. Roanoke Vineyards even requires you to become a member to taste their wines (seriously?!? Hell NO!)

Good for them if they could forgo the bring-your-own-food concession. Some vineyards we went were outrageous that many patrons s even brought rolling coolers, that made the tasting rooms/tents noisy, messy and very annoying. Now with the table service, it seems no more tasting (wish they keep the tasting menu tho, with different flats …), straight per glass basis. But over all I’m glad they’ve prospered. Aside, churning out decent wines.

There is distance to catch up with Napa but east coast always does things differently than the West. Who knows. The hit and run party scenes may be the only way that make the vineyards survive.

On this note, I’d say go Long Island vineyard and go Long Island wines.


Nov 18 2021

Indian Island County Park

Cross River Drive, Route 105,
Riverhead, NY 11901

This 275-acre park in Suffolk county is lovely but probably/mostly for campers – upon entering, we encounter a few large RVs. It has a few trails.

The park is at the split of the North Fork, a peninsular on the Peconic River. We parked by the Indian Island (east most point) off Meetinghouse Creek. In fact, you can drive around the park pretty freely, includes the Indian Island.

There are a group of white swans bathing/cleaning. One of them maybe on the look out for a wife – grooming himself religiously.


Nov 15 2021

Campbell Falls State Park

iPhone Live photo with Long Exposure feature
Spaulding Rd,
Norfolk Historic District, CT 06058

Again, this park  is straddling on two states. The trail begins in Connecticut (also where we parked) and the falls is in Massachusetts.

We were coming from Berkshires, turned right from Norfolk Road onto the unpaved Campbell Falls Road. Unsure at first, we doubled back to Norfolk and drove further, follow the sign and parked here. But the trail proves to be too wet to go. We then went back to the unpaved Campbell Falls Road.


… U turn back to Norfolk Rd and turned left onto the unpaved Campbell Falls Road. The tiny parking lot is to our left. It’s half a mile downhill to the falls.

Nov 15 2021

Berkshire National Fish Hatchery

240 Hatchery Rd,
New Marlborough, MA 01230


Nov 15 2021

Crystal Essence @ GB

39 Railroad St,
Great Barrington, MA 01230

They call it a gallery of wonders, not sure it’s a wonder but the shop is pretty cute and has some cute merchandises. The midnight blue scarf/wrap is $88, handmade by indigenous artisan of Oaxaca.


Their radio station Berkshire radio 97.7 FM wbcr-lp. Out side, on Main Street, parks this car, full of stickers …

The bluish butterfly chair; a movie house; Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center at 14 Castle Street and the Main Street by the Castle St

One real estate office on Railroad St.: four acre+ lots on the water listing:

Nov 15 2021

Aegean Breeze

327 Stockbridge Road
Great Barrington, MA 01230

This Greek restaurant is outside of the town center. It’s pretty big with a few pocket of dining areas. We were the first one there for lunch. By 11:30, a few people came as well.

We’ve Greek omelet w/ salad, and Kolokithi n Melitzana: both are good, so is the service.

I asked the waiting staff if they’ve a big greek population there. She said, “no,  definitely not like Astoria in New York.”

“Are you from New York?” I asked.


Guess Astoria in Queens is well known, at least around the nation, if not the world.

A friend of mine went to Greece this past October and bought me Evergetikon‘s hand cream. It’s yellow and thick, with strong jasmine fragrance. 100ml cost

Nov 15 2021

Coffee at the Red Lion Inn @ Stockbridge

This historical hotel in Stockbridge is all bundled up by November. We’ve coffee, looking out to their Thanksgiving motif and the St. Paul

Nov 14 2021

The camp @ Taconic State Park

This camp at Taconic state park in New York looks deserted on a cloudy Sunday afternoon in November -:). There are cabins around the bathroom/showers.

Nov 14 2021

Brava, Italian

65 Church Street
Lenox, MA 01240

Will return.

After Beethoven @ Linde, we stopped by for dinner. A lovely restaurant with a few pockets of dining areas: very good food and service. Love their floors and color scheme.

It feels tranquil during this time of the year, compares to summer months when it’s always hectic.

Chickpeas is wonderful – both texture and taste.

Scan to pay is great!


Nov 14 2021

State parks: Taconic & Bash Bish Falls

253 NY-344
Copake Falls, New York 12517

A lovely and easy hiking park (0.75 miles each way; in and out) straddling New York and Massachusetts, along side of the brook. The waterfalls is on MA side but better part of the trail is on New York side.

Same park under different name in two states: Google Taconic State Park, you’ll get ‘253 NY-344 Copake Falls, New York 12517’, which is where we parked, at the opposite end of the falls; but if you google Bash Bish Falls State Park, you’ll get ‘Falls Rd, Mt Washington, MA 01258’, and it is high above the middle of the trail.

It looks like in the past, you could get down to the falls from this path; and over this little bridge, you might be get to the top of the falls.

There is no bathroom, we used the one on camp ground near by.