Jun 13 2023

Joia, Italian

10475 Gibsonton Dr
Riverview, FL 33569

repost – dreamiest lost my data

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Joia Fabulous Pizza & Martini Bar

ONE server for our group of 27, with a reservation.

I got water and tableware for my table. The food is rather large portioned, came after an hour. I asked for a spoon for the spaghetti with my eggplant parmigiana that never came. The eggplant is old and lukewarm with too much breading. Penny pasta has a little spicy which I find nice.

My legs became sticky from the chair.

A month later, the restaurant replied to my review on Google:

Response from the owner 9 months ago
An hour to feed 27 people and your complaining like you were the only people there? Seriously?
… guess we certainly don’t see eye to eye … oh well

Jun 2 2023

Steep Station, a tea house

2235 1st Ave S,
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Will return.

… more pix on Google Maps

We’ve an hour to kill before the opera, so stop by, for a cup of coffee and tea.

Mellow jazzy music 🎶
Kings and Generals on 📺
Cozy corners
Charging station