Sep 14 2023

Social Roost

150 1st Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
… more pix on Google Maps.

Def will return.

Pretty hippy. Clean decor. The huge paintings are arty and striking. A pleasant atmosphere.

Service is just right.

Food is awesome and large portion
– curry mussels
– fish cake
– meatballs

The mussels are tender. Oddly a handful of them didn’t open. I asked them just heat it up a bit … they came back in a pretty bowl. Ya I wanted to steal it … ha ha ha … but consider the consequence when I return …

We went before 5 for the Rays game. They only serve small plates, which is just fine. But even the small plates are huge – we could only have three, and filled us to the brim – leaves me no room for the junk food at the baseball game.

The bathroom water is very thin. Takes a long time to wash my hands.

Street parking is easy when we went.

The bar tender’s shirt fits the decor perfectly. He said it isn’t the uniform.

Sep 14 2023

Acropolis Greek Taverna

6108 Winthrop Town Center Ave
Riverview, FL 33578

Will return.

… more pix on Google Maps

High ceiling; inviting decor; good foods; slow service; the surrounding area has character – with a few preserved buildings (I hope).

We’ve flaming cheese – gimmicky – turned hard quickly; stuffed mushrooms; octopus 🐙 (the garlic on top is the 🍒); 🍤 with breads. I think the yummiest is their freebie – hot flatbread with garlic dip.

The Greek red is on the raw side.

The area is worth a walk around.

Sep 10 2023

Europe 2023

At the moment, I don’t really want to travel. But this one has to go: to celebrate Norbert’s 80th birthday. During this trip, which is from Sept 10 to 25, in and out of Frankfurt (FRA) on Lufthansa, we stopped at

We survived on credit card entirely, except the last charge to Istanbul airport. The cabbie insisted that non of our credit card worked. Be aware and prepare for the unethical vendors, and bring some small bills.


  • US↔Frankfurt (FRA) on Lufthansa
  • Fra→Prague 
  • Prague→Budapest by Gate1 bus
  • Buda→Istanbul on Turkish Air
  • Ist→Fra on Lufthansa  









Sep 10 2023

Rhine River 莱茵河


Rhine River cruise includes several European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands.

Rhine is one of the major river in Europe, starting from Swiss Alps, passing through Austria, Germany and empty into North Sea from Netherland, about 760 miles (1230 km).

When mentioning Rhine, most people associate it with Germany. And the part of Middle Rhine (wiki) is the most scenic and usually used as river cruise advertisement. I went to part of Middle Rhine valley many times. Most recently, in 2022 and 2023.