Baihua Hotel in Hefei

191 Shouchun Road
合肥市庐阳区寿春路191号 230001

The city map in 1948 and in 1949.

Coincident, I stayed at this same hotel – Baihua Hotel in Hefei (安徽百花宾馆) where we had lunch the last year. At the buffet breakfast a middle aged man in dark blue suit but in white hotel paper slippers sat at the table in front of mine – in the empty large dinning room. He had two men who obviously deferred and catered to him. During the short meal, another man came with a painting, unrolled for him to inspect. He took a look and waved the man away. He then took out a cigarette, one of the two man lighted it for him. He took a deep drag, then cleared his throat and spitted it on the carpeted floor.

The service of the hotel is ok. It’s a five minutes short walk to Li Hongzhang’s residence.

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