Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville is the fourth-largest city in Alabama in the heart of Tennessee Valley. Raymond Jones whose father Carl purchased the 2,500-acre farm in 1938. One side of Carl T Jones Drive SE is the farm with cows and across the street, is the modern mall and residential low rise building.


There isn’t a direct flight from NY to Huntsville. Thanks lord it’s a pleasant ride, like a day on the beach. AA stops at Chicago‘s ORD. The second leg of the flight is small, served by one flight attendant – his belly is big so is his niceness.

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It’s in the region of the bible belt (the area encompasses southeast to nearly middle of the country. The shape is more like a corner or quarter of the country … rather than a thin belt), gigantic churches are everywhere and imposing. Police officers are hired to direct traffic on weekends.

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We’ve lunch at Ding How II on Sunday and 88 Buffet on Monday, then visited NASA’ Space & Rocket Center. Huntsville has three awesome camps. Space camp is one.

Charlotte CLT and HSV are definitely nicer than La Guardia LGA.

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