The mystery of Jiande 建德

I often hear people from Dongzhi (Anhui) mention Jiande 建德. I vaguely remember it’s an ancient city/county that no longer exist. But I was wrong. Google 安徽建德 I got the following:

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  1. zh wiki, from Qing dynasty 清朝安徽建德縣知縣
  2. baike, this not only claims one of tourist spots in Anhui 建德是安徽省旅游景点最集中的地区之一, the web is sizable.
  3. baike, an old county in Anhui 安徽省原建德县

I was confused. An inquire with a local official, I was told, “the web site is inaccurate.” Gosh! Some official sites, for example, this Dongzhi page links to its government site at, in fact isn’t working ( works tho). Hello, is anybody home?

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