A tree burial

After many lengthy discussions with my cousins, Dad and I finally made to Taipei to bury his mother and my grandma, under the tree.

今天在台北富德灵骨楼 树葬了奶奶. 🇹🇼政府鼓励环保葬礼: 树葬,花葬,海葬. 有大约20%的人用环保葬. 特别感谢表哥姐们!这家树葬是将骨灰放在石头下. 奶奶1977年在台北过世. 爸爸是在他们去台北10多年后结婚. 妈妈和我对大姑姑和二伯父来说应该是陌生人. 加之海岸二边的紧张局势. 但是奶奶的碑上有我们母女. 相反,我在北京的外公家长大,他和曾祖的碑上没有妈妈和我. 感触良多.

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  • Winnie Lee Says:

    Hello Irene. What wondering and moving images in this post. Asking if it’s possible to use your photos for an online article on tree burial in Taipei. Please contact me for more details. Many thanks in advance for your help.

  • admin Says:

    Yes and pls credit me accordingly. Thanks and good luck.

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