Shanghai 1985

July 1-11, 1985. I was in Shanghai for the Automotive China’85, staying at Jinjiang Hotel 锦江饭店.

On Nanjing Road, July 10th:

Judging from our cloth and the nature daylight, I must had more than one lunch a day ..

One of my favored qipaos .. ‘姚微 是黑白配,好看 – 黑衣女孩我上海的小姐姐(爸爸同学的女儿)现在澳洲 ..’


With YZ’s friends .. 红衣女孩家是北大地质系的住在中关园,考在上海交大,现在美国,叫钱美意,你帮着找一下


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  • Todd Corey Says:

    Irene, I was also in Shanghai in 1985. I am an Australian was working at the Airport as a helicopter engineer and although it was difficult times, it was the most memorable and best experience of my life.

  • admin Says:

    Hi Todd, sorry for the tardiness. When you posted this I was in Shangahi -:). Although a very different city now, at core it’s still Chinese …

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