Tennis in China

This China trip is pretty exciting. Aside from attending two tennis tourneys (missed Zhuhai WTA in November); two classical concerts and a play; new friends and relatives; plenty hairy/mitten crabs; five new cities. Ah, also two adventures, of which one results to the emergency room. Buckle up and enjoy my three weeks’ journey.

As usual, I take Cathay Pacific from JFK to Beijing; Shanghai to HKG and HKG back to JFK. They upgrade me on both long hauls which is, needless to say, very nice indeed. A little episode on the HKG-JFK leg.

img_6937 img_6898 img_6940 img_6938

Landing in Beijing on the following evening, unseasonably warm with unhealthy air quality. Half my dream come true: to visit a bathhouse. My dear friend won’t let me to sleep there. Hmmmm … I’ll have to try it next time.

img_6959 img_6948

The first full day in Beijing, visiting relatives as well as my mom’s dear friends. Lunch at the newest Dadong, which is to open a post in New York this autumn, next to the Library. A private dinner and the China Open.

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Day two in Beijing, we visit the Cuandixia 爨底下村, a Ming dynasty village, 62 miles/100 km west of Beijing; lunch in a local home 农家饭 there; dinner at 99Dingzhanfang and then off to Taiyuan, Shanxi from the West Station.

img_7472 img_7194 img_7421 img_7454

Taiyuan is a pretty modern city. I stay with my relatives in Yuci/JinZhong, and visit Pingyao.

img_7561 img_7694 img_8125 平遥清风远播 img_7787

Xi’an is charming, enhanced by the terracotta army, lantian jade, bath, an adventure and the Concert Hall.

img_8327 img_2004 img_8390  img_8398

The Mount Rushmore moves to Zhengzhou, the city that’s made by trains.

img_8594 img_8637

Xuzhou, in Jiangsu has terracotta warriors too. 矿大Laomofang 老磨坊; Yunlong lake, home of a jinshiXimatai 戏马台 @ Hubushan are worth visiting.

img_8984 img_9006 img_8879 img_8736 img_8787 img_8814 img_8674 img_8696

A week in Shanghai: play 樱桃园; tennis; SAS, BBFjewelry show & Mutter concert; Sunday brunch; miss it again; an American in China; lunch @ 圆苑, a qipao, Chenglong Hang 成隆行; Sasano 酒吞

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img_9593 img_9630 img_9631 img_9723

Macau‘s cityscape, University of Macau, an unexpected bike tour that includes egg tart, lunch @ Chan Seng Kei & the House of Dancing Water.

img_0050 img_1494 img_1405 img_1426 img_1478 img_1522


img_1272 10-22 5:34pm img_1760 1476932226_img_0542 1476903126_img_0262 img_2722 img_1231 img_1076 img_1652

Some thing small but make big impression:

img_7462 img_0641

My itinerary by day:

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