Chevere spa unisexa

Montañeses 2118
Buenos Aires

… more pix on Google Maps; my second one at Vintage.

Def will return: enjoyed their work and atmosphere at this nail salon in Chinatown.

… more pix on Google Maps.

They’re between Mendoza & Juramento, in Chinatown. The young woman with neat teeth and genuine smile did a great job for me – a simple French. Everyone in the shop were friendly and accommodating.

Although they have sticker on the window that they accept credit cards but they don’t. Good practice that I asked before hand. And yes they accept USD. But in the end, they don’t and suggested that I go somewhere else to do the exchange. Two women in the salon offered to exchange for me. I took the first lady, who asked, eventually, how much do I want. I showed her my googled rate, which is 16,384.62 for $20. She gladly counted out the peso.

(Re FX: I know there is an active black market, which at the moment, is 20% higher than the bank rate. But I feel it isn’t the place to ask for it. Leaving something on the table for your opponent, even tho we may never meet again. She saved me a trip elsewhere. I’m happy, and hopefully so is she.)

At the moment, I’m a little buffed at their charge: it seems the final bill is always higher than what they quoted. In this case, it’s 1,000 peso high: they told me up front 6,000 for the gel (not sure if they’ve dip… I didn’t press because I don’t speak the language…). then 6,200. But eventually, it’s 7,200. Not a big deal but I’d like to know, if it’s the tax? or What?




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