Jun 19 2014

From grandaunt Qiao’s home in 安亭 Anting to #10 Line Xintiandi cost

Jun 18 2014

Family Zhangs

The domestic flight (MU5146

Jun 5 2014

The Yungang Grottoes 云冈石窟


May 28 2014

Maison Georges Larnicol

Just went to shopping around the corner. Montmartre is a liberal area with many 99 cent trinket shops stores catering to tourists. There are two sweet shops Maison Georges Larnicol (7-9 rue de Steinkerque, 75018 Paris) and La Cure Gourmande Montmartre – they’re under handed and I found the sales women rude at Maison Georges.

They’re charging up scale $ with 99 cent store mentality. For the paper bag, I’ve to ask for twice and seeing the reluctance. Maybe the Europeans’ frugality is saving the world. No one dare to say no when asking reasonably for a free bag in the USA – No one beats the Americans for service. They tasted ok. My review on Yelp. Ladur

May 28 2014

Missing the train, in Paris

For reason unbeknown to me (a.k.a. lazy, senile, ..), my train from Paris to Frankfurt departs at 5:10 from Gare de L’Est but I remembered it at 5:30pm and didn’t confirm it in the morning. I had no agenda that day except lingered at the Louvre n saw a rat. I found a seat at food court near an outlet and began to charge my iPhone. And to WeChat. My bad habit cutting too close to any event had finally caught up with me. When I took the Metro and arrived at Gare de L’Est I didn’t see any ‘Frankfurt’ on the board. With a sinking heart I ran around and was finally told by a train man that my train had gone.

Long Gone.

Defeated and deflated I went to buy the ticket for the next train which is two hours later and first class only at

May 27 2014

Paris, here I am

Took the subway (The metro ticket in Frankfurt cost 2.30

Jul 1 2011

Beijing hospital