May 9 2019

A small town

A small town the first three were taken early in the year. This afternoon was cloudy. No wonder Washington and Beijing are fighting it out …

小城故事多 是今天,一个没有阳光的日子
幸好有华府和华府 打的热火朝天的 [呲牙]
小板凳 瓜子 🍵🍷

May 2 2019

The spring flowers

Oh … all so lovely, from Whole Foods -:) Going to nursery isn’t my cup of tea.


May 2 2019

Enlightened 开窍

Suddenly some senses knocked into me … A house is being built by the beach.


Apr 30 2019

A blueberry

An irregular blueberry on a slice of lemon

Apr 27 2019

An early bird

A spring morning.

Apr 25 2019

Someone is on the cloud

A sweet boy is waiting for his girl on the beach. As the temp is heating up, more people are showing up.

Apr 17 2019

Cherry blossom

Pretty April flowers

Apr 12 2019

Missing miles

Walking to the library has been one of my destinations. Out of curiosity I checked the milage this time. Both iPhone and Mac maps indicate 2.4 miles but the heart app Health has 2.2 miles only.

How accurate is the heart app? 0.2 miles out of 2.4 is not too small to wonder.

Apr 11 2019

A cloudy day

A little sunshine @ the beach. Cardboards are down, the summer is coming soon.

Apr 4 2019

A long walk & talk

At the beach