Sep 15 2018


14 Northern Blvd.
Great Neck, NY

Decent decor. Wines. Clean bathroom. A nice little bar and wine glasses. Average food & presentation for their price range. Noisy (!) Inattentive service. On site parking.

Food: Asian, from sushi to Beijing Duck.

Wine and drink: if the waiting staff can’t handle a wine list, it’s better to just have house wine. Same goes to cocktails. My neighbor ordered a dirty martini – very basic – who repeaded a few times, “very dirty with olives on the side.” I would have helped her (all staff or at least the few I saw are Chinese) but the noise level were so high, I didn’t want to shout, beside, she wasn’t too friendly. Yet, the 3 olives were inside the glass. The sake was hot and she just put it on the table without pouring the first cup. It’s so hot my neighbor had to use a napkin to hold the bottle to pour. I like their wine glass over the martini glass.

Armpit: one of my companions said she gets server’s armpit all the time here. I sat on the bench (it’s loose …) and saw it up close. Oh boy.

It’s Saturday evening. At 6:30 it’s 1/3 full but by 7, is filled to the brim, and hard to get our server’s attention. I understand. But when the server saw me raising my hand she ignored me, this’s not cool.

Soy sauce: the cute jar didn’t indicate what kind of soy sauce – regular or low sodium.
“Is this low sodium soy sauce?” I asked.
“Yes.” She the server replied.
“May I have the regular?”
We were group of 9. One of them didn’t hear my conversation (too noisey!!!) and asked her for the same while she’s at our table.
“That’s the regular.” She told him.

Service stands: two of them were there, next to a table full of diners the entire time I was there. The staff piled dirty tableware in them as well as fresh meals out of kitchen for serving. What are they thinking?!


Sep 5 2018

LIU Post (C.W.)

LIU Post (formerly, and still formally known as the C.W. Post) is a private college in Brookville in Nassau County, New York, United States. It is the largest campus of the private Long Island University system.

The campus is named after breakfast cereal inventor Charles William Post, father of Marjorie Merriweather Post, who sold the property (which had been her Long Island estate known as Hillwood) to LIU in 1951 for $200,000 ($1,885,641 today). Three years after it acquired the property, LIU renamed it C.W. Post College in honor of Post’s father.


Aug 24 2018


1043 Norrhern Blvd.
Roslyn, NY 11576

Will return.

High ceiling (love it), delicious food, good service, decent bathroom with a maid (better without! I’d rather have mouthwash than a maid). I’d rate this one higher than Kyma – high ceiling and wood get me.

It’s our friends’ 60th birthday – our children grew up together since they were 3, and now one of the kids is engaged – congratulations!!!

Valet parking.

Aug 21 2018

Chinese are coming

This quiet neighborhood shopping center has a new store coming soon. And it has English and Chinese … If the ad is accurate, the store is expanding.


This Prada pebble bag costs $1,791. It sells a larger version which is a little under $2k.

Aug 17 2018

The mushrooms

It seems they always come in pairs.

Aug 13 2018

Manhasset, NY

This small town is on the north shore Long Island, with a population 8,080 (2010).

I frequent its movie house on Plandom Road, which is their main street. Recently, the MoviePass seems to have lots of problems – may it be on her last leg or what? Plenty showings when I check in the morning and none in the afternoon. The MoviePass agent said it fluctuate throughout the day, and they’re listening. I beg to disagree. The plan cost $10 a month and when I signed up, it’s one movie a day, and the new plan starting in September limits to 3 movies a month – looks like they’re running out of money to reimburse the theaters. How did the MoviePass get financing to begin with? I don’t see it adds anything to the movie industry.


Aug 9 2018

Peter Luger Steak House

255 Northern Blvd
Great Neck, NY 11021

Won’t return.

Cash only, NO credit card.

I’ve been to this location a few times but was never impressed with their service. No impressed today, again.

Calling on a Thursday, asking for 1:30 but was given 1:45. Ok, they might not have enough bodies. It’s more than half empty when we got there. But have to wait till our third friend arrived before we were seated.

Then being ignored for a good 10 miniutes. I have to raise my hand to a couple of staff who were fussing with the empty table next to us, to possibly getting us menus and drinks, perhaps?

Cold breads – would be nice if they’re warm. Bathroom although clean but feels like McDonald’s or Starbucks’.

We only have rib steak, lamb chop which is a better choice than the steak; asked for mdium rare but came medium. The German potato (the founder was a German immigrant) and broccoli are ok.

A staff said it’s their tradition to accept cash. And the bill is hand written which I find quint and cute. And the chocolate, I used my calculator as not to be mistaken – they’re established in 1887, pile on 125 years that would mean 2012 – holly Molly, a well aged sweet.

Now, what do they do with all that cash?? Seriously. A sitting duck … ?


The bar is facing the enterance. Low ceiling, small, uninviting.

Aug 7 2018

Westlake Fish House

Westlake Marina, on the lake Montauk, Long Island

I found a piece of glass in my food. When I informed the staff, the tanned and middle age lady just shrug.

The food is average and the place is a shack. The location is in a marina, on the water. I found their piece is a bit too expensive. The fries are crispy and delicious, came with BLT (two huge piece of chicken!). The sushi rice is warm – which I like.



Aug 7 2018

Custom House @ Sag Harbor

912 Main St,
Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Built in 1765, Henry Packer Dering purchased it in 1793, using it as his residence as well as his office. George Washington appointed Dering as the collector of the custom duty. We took a very informative guided tour by the lady volunteer. She touched on the photo of Macau, bath water – don’t throw out the baby with the water, calligraphy and more.


Aug 7 2018

Long Wharf

Sag Harbor, New York