Jan 12 2020

Khatia Buniatishvili @ Tilles

720 Northern Blvd,
Brookville, NY 11548

The Georgian is very beautiful and talented. Listening to her is equally enjoyable as watching her play. She did Liszt’s Piano Concerto #2 and quickly encored a Schubert, the orchestra played Rachmaninoff’s Symphony #2 and encored a Tchaikovsky).

Now to crappy Tilles Center. It’s a myth that they’re able to attract top virtuosos around the world. My kid had his high school graduation here. For a student concert hall, it’s ok but for Yoyo Ma, Perlman and the late Stern, I think it definitely comes up short. The 70+ Royal Philharmonic Orchestra overwhelmed the stage. Come on, Long Island deserves a better concert hall.

The glass atrium is nice. An Asian boy plays there before the concert.

Oddly enough, it isn’t sold out event. The little talk before the concert by Dr. Paul Kim is really nice, giving historical and personal touch to the program: that Rachmaninov’s first symphony was a failure and Rach’s wife later said, the conductor Alexander Glazunov was drunk … Kim said he had a chance to meet his granddaughter at Saint Petersburg Conservatory and wanted to confirm this. But he finally decided not to ask, leaving another unconfirmed  history …

There are many walkers and, as I’ve said many times, the atmosphere is homey … in comparison, I much prefer Lincoln Center. The parking is free and the exit is easy, and it’s closer to home … a few reasons we keep going there.

格鲁吉亚🇬🇪的美眉 Khatia Buniatishvili
拜托 盖个好点的剧场好吗?


左是Rachmaninoff 拉赫玛尼诺夫 右Glazunov 格拉祖诺夫
1897年,老拉的第一交响曲首演. 老格指挥. 长话短说, 砸了.其中的一个原因是老格喝高了.
省时间, 长话短说: 一个多世纪后
前二天在一朋友家遇到音乐家保罗. 小保说他曾在圣彼得堡音乐学院和老格的孙女相遇 … 原想向她求证. 但是他磨叽了好几天, 最终没有问 因为觉得不妥当.

如果是您, 为澄清一个小历史, 您会问吗?

俺八婆了一下, 因为老格在俄外没有老拉出名 (虽然同是天涯沦落人, 但是老格说他因为健康住在海外所以他在俄国内名声比老拉高. 老拉实诚, 直说不喜欢…好汉一条), 老格60多才结婚但没有亲生. 亲不亲生并不影响证实一个小历史吧?

Ok … 星期一笑: 几年前俺无意中看到老拉坟墓 周围空空荡荡. 正好有个管理员经过. 俺问: 这空位 … (别想哈, 都有主了)
我也不是老拉的粉, 又计划树葬, 为什么多口呀?
一定是更年期 … 快乐一周

Dec 5 2019


The foliage, of different kinds, shapes and colors.

Nov 15 2019

The sunset at library

A lovely sunset by the library.

the sunset last November 2018, almost to the date.


Nov 15 2019

Autumn 2019

Deep into the autumn


some clouds …

Sep 7 2019

Mendelssohn 门德尔松

An evening with Mendelssohn 门德尔松的🎵

3⃣️这本书拿2500年前的雅典和美国比 (至少第一章…)2500年前没有人肯说雅典好但是蜂拥而至… 现在也没有什么人说美国好 但是据说央视一姐把崽生在美国 … 2500年的时间差 但是意义好些差不多

哦 俺大脑需要换🔋
Pay me no attention

The 鱼鹰 osprey home … they’re very handsome


Sep 7 2019

The color of my greens

They come and change their colors over the months. Chameleon 变色龙?Each group of photos are of the same roots

Aug 31 2019

The GoGo’s

Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go’s, a band from LA performed to close the summer, with the sunset as the background. There is much to be appreciated and discussed. The weather is great, so is the company. The park is well maintained (entrance to the bathrooms). The music is good, to my surprise. With tennis, I walked a total 7.1 miles


Aug 20 2019

Apple of Manhasset

The Apple stores in New York are mostly glasses. This one is in the Americana.


Jul 25 2019

The little sailboats

Summer campers at the beach with strings of sailboats. My children did that too … -:)

Jul 3 2019

Lareira Restaurant

66 E Jericho Tpke
Mineola, NY 11501

Will return.

This Portuguese restaurant is homey, has pleasant decoration, good service and large portions.

The restaurant seems to have three sections, two dining rooms and a bar. We went early at 5 pm on a Wednesday, there was only a couple sat at the other end of the room. The olive container has two sections, one for the pits, which I find cute and practical. Now I’ll be on the lookout in stores.

Their house wine, Monte Serra Tinto (red) and Alandra (white; a little flat) are pretty good. Foods are fine. Love their appetizer clams w/ smoked sausage. The duck is on the sweet side and flat tho. Sardine is fine. Great breads but the butter could be better, and the table cloth could be cleaner

The staff chased us out to return our credit card: thank you!

Street parking, I think.