Dec 18 2020

Snowy park

Plastic, is a huge problem: the wintery wave pushed up all wastes in the park, mostly are plastics.

The little girl looks pretty surrounded by the snow. The phone booth survives but the ice machine/storage is gone. A dead fish.


Dec 17 2020

The first snow

The first of the season, with a decent amount.

Nov 27 2020

A walk after Thanksgiving

After an hour of tennis, I walked a little in the park.

Nov 10 2020

Caumsett Park, again

The temperature reached 75º and not a cloud in the sky. We stopped at Powles marinaLloyd Harbor before Caumsett Park, the second time in less than a week, and took in the sunset at West Neck Beach. A little on the rock yoga

The farm group and winter cottage


The horses and the Master’s Garage – bathrooms.



We took RT from the main house, then PL2 to the beach to picnic. There are many bikers with fat wheels.


There are as many horse riders

We walked on the beach to the tip



The Lloyd Point. The water is crystal clear … unfortunately, no swimming allowed.

We returned via fisherman’s parking lot – permit only.


… We stopped by the West Neck beach and took in the sunset.

Nov 10 2020

Lloyd Harbor, Long Island

This small village in Suffolk, with a population of 3,660, is part of town of Huntington, and Caumsett Park is to its northern tip.


Nov 9 2020

Powles Marina @ Lloyd Harbor

It’s south of the main street @ Lloyd Harbor.

Nov 9 2020

Sunset @ West Neck Beach

The little beach is on the Lloyd Harbor Road, right before the Caumsett Park. The sunset is beautiful.


Nov 9 2020

Cold Harbor Spring State Park

The survivor tree.

Not sure this little patch of green is part of the Cold Harbor Spring State Park. It locates north of Powles marina and southwest of the Lloyd Harbor main street. Two white swans swim leisurely in  the water as well with a few geese(?).


Nov 5 2020

Nov foliage, 2020

Oct 31, 2020

Nov 6, 2020 ⇓

Nov 5 2020

PL2: the beach

This is a part of Pedestrian Loop 2 at Caumsett park.