Sep 7 2019

Mendelssohn 门德尔松

An evening with Mendelssohn 门德尔松的🎵

3⃣️这本书拿2500年前的雅典和美国比 (至少第一章…)2500年前没有人肯说雅典好但是蜂拥而至… 现在也没有什么人说美国好 但是据说央视一姐把崽生在美国 … 2500年的时间差 但是意义好些差不多

哦 俺大脑需要换🔋
Pay me no attention

The 鱼鹰 osprey home … they’re very handsome


Sep 7 2019

The color of my greens

They come and change their colors over the months. Chameleon 变色龙?Each group of photos are of the same roots

Aug 31 2019

The GoGo’s

Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go’s, a band from LA performed to close the summer, with the sunset as the background. There is much to be appreciated and discussed. The weather is great, so is the company. The park is well maintained (entrance to the bathrooms). The music is good, to my surprise. With tennis, I walked a total 7.1 miles


Aug 20 2019

Apple of Manhasset

The Apple stores in New York are mostly glasses. This one is in the Americana.


Jul 25 2019

The little sailboats

Summer campers at the beach with strings of sailboats. My children did that too … -:)

Jul 3 2019

Lareira Restaurant

66 E Jericho Tpke
Mineola, NY 11501

Will return.

This Portuguese restaurant is homey, has pleasant decoration, good service and large portions.

The restaurant seems to have three sections, two dining rooms and a bar. We went early at 5 pm on a Wednesday, there was only a couple sat at the other end of the room. The olive container has two sections, one for the pits, which I find cute and practical. Now I’ll be on the lookout in stores.

Their house wine, Monte Serra Tinto (red) and Alandra (white; a little flat) are pretty good. Foods are fine. Love their appetizer clams w/ smoked sausage. The duck is on the sweet side and flat tho. Sardine is fine. Great breads but the butter could be better, and the table cloth could be cleaner

The staff chased us out to return our credit card: thank you!

Street parking, I think.


Jun 27 2019

Empty no more

A hot summer day, the once empty beach is come alive now, with a guard at the font.


Jun 26 2019


75 N. Station Plaza
Great Neck, NY 11021

I initially rated it at 3.5 and marked as ‘will return, probably.’ But as I was looking up the bill to find the spelling of babaghanoush for this post, did I realize they charged us wrongly. (Note: do check your bill, which I don’t … which is why I try to keep a photo of the bills…) So the conversation went like this the following day.

Babaghanoush $9.50

Me: ” … you should have charged us for Babaghanoush but instead Bademjoun.”
A gent at the restaurant ” … oh … right, I remember you …” We were the only Asian family there. He continued, “let me look up the bill … it will take a day or two. What’s your number?”
After my phone number, he then said, “so I owe you. How much is Bademjoun? $21.50?”
I, looking at the bill, “it’s $22.50” and not amused. Their menu is rather small and simple.
The gent, “So I owe you $12.”
I, “No, it’s $13. And the sales tax too.” I won’t be this petty but didn’t like the fact he’s trying to lowballing it.
The gent, “ok, how much do you think I owe you?”
I, “I just spelt it out for you.” I only want what was owed to me.

Throughout the conversation, there was not a single I’m sorry … He took my credit card but the refund didn’t come. So days later, I called my credit card company to dispute it.

Lamb kebab $37.50

The following review was done before the phone conversation:

Pricy. Homey. This Kosher Mediterranean grill has been there for ages. And I’m glad we finally decided to give it a try. The light color scheme makes it airy (regular ceiling) and likable in a homey way – lacking the flair like Zaytinya, etc. We got there at 7 and was quiet but by 8, on a Wednesday the place is humming.

Their hums and babagunish are excellent. I wanted the Branzino but they’re out … so I ate off my companions’ – Lamb Kebab (the green rice with dill is great but the red rice is bit too sweet for my taste) and Ghormeh Sabzi (a little bit like the Indian dish). Over all, good food but pricy. Their house wine Carb and Shiraz are good.


Jun 21 2019

Village Green Park

The rebuilding had completed and now the little park looks nice.

Jun 21 2019

It answers my prayer

It’s been raining like cats and dogs and on and on … Can’t believe. So I went to the library hoping for a break of a sort. It rained as I entered and shortly after, the sun came out …