Apr 28 2017

New Fu Ren

Airy. Fancier than their old Flushing location. Good service. Full bar. Clean bathroom. Food, however is very average. Won’t return.

Their famous lamb is dry and chewy, definitely not freshly cooked. The taste is so so. The Chinese celery with pork, is chewy too – the thin celery should cut short, like half an inch – two inches are too long because it is not young/tender. Oh well.

Mar 12 2017

Good Harvest

133-42 39th Ave., Unit 102
Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 886-8229

Won’t return: over priced, overcooked seafood – I never sent a dish back – this time was close. Maybe one day I will send one back? And at bill time, they solicit for cash by offering 5% discount – all I can think is … cheating? Oh well, what do I know.

The decor is raw and cold; the space is jammed – enough space between the tables but feel pressed. Loud music (perhaps caters to younger patrons). Ok food, ok service; good presentation; clean bathroom, neat tableware.
Bottled wine only; corkage fee is $15.
Street parking.
The ingredients aren’t good for the price they charge. The seafood was overlooked – terrible.
The hot pot soup has cardamom (ya!) but msg too (nah!). Hot pot sliced beef is too fatty and mostly inedible, unappetizing.
Short ribs fish combo: ribs grade is very low; chopped up fish has too many bones – coming fm a person who loves bony fish – bec its chopped, so … oh well.
We went at 5:30 pm. For a time they weren’t busy, the waiting staff just stared at us.


Mar 9 2017


630 Old Country Rd
Garden City, NY 11530
(516) 253-1803

I like the decor more than the food. It lacks a little soul. I always wanted to visit Cuba but so far haven’t been able to. Hopefully one day soon, to dine in the restaurants with more characters and sparks. The bathroom is clean and rather spacious. Being in the mall, the parking is easy.


Feb 28 2017

Laverne of Great Neck

9 Cutter Mill Rd,
Great Neck, NY 11021
(516) 829-8200

A go to restaurant. I enjoyed their free yum chips: it’s a group dinner and as usual, some one came late. Oh … it’s nice to wait for everyone but how about for these who actually made the effort to be there on time? I don’t like to eat late.

Feb 22 2017

Mizu Asian

68 Middle Neck Rd
Great Neck, NY 11021

Good neighborhood go to sushi restaurant. The pizza appetizer is pretty good tho, and some arrangements can be pretty elaborate. The Friday night we went there was a little boy, perhaps 7 years old who was there to greet me upon my arrival and was still there by the time I left – he was about to have dinner with his mom who served us. Was it’s down-to-earthness made it less resentful than Nikkei, I felt for the mom, even she might be the owner.




Feb 16 2017

Go Greek

180 7th St
Garden City, NY 11530
(516) 746-2222

Authentic food (not American Greek type of food), nice wife n husband owner who want to serve real Greek food here. It’s a small take out/self serving, but they do have a few tables. Clean bathroom. If you’re in the neighborhood, try it. Street parking or in rare.


Jan 30 2017

Spuntino Wine Bar

900 Old Country Rd
Garden City, NY 11530

Love it: right lighting, cozy atmosphere, personable service, delicious food, good wine, clean bathroom. Also like their tableware and utensils. The rustic table tops are cool.
The freshly made mozzarella is awesome. I usually don’t go for pasta but the squid ink campanelle is a must try, al dente and yummy.

  • Soppresata & Prosciutto with some cheeses
  • bruschetta with green apple Gorgonzola
  • Pizza
  • Arancini, & Polenta Fries with Tomato Sauce
  • Short Ribs with turnip purée
  • fresh handmade mozzarella
  • chocolate chip zeppoles & biscotti.

Jan 22 2017

Nikkei of Peru

55 Shore Rd
Port Washington, NY 11050
(516) 439-4201

Good food – deserves 3.5 but price made them less desirable… the appetizer – Brussel sprout came too quickly and lukewarm which made me think … did they just reheat it: the time was short, if they had cooked it, it would be still hot. Ok service although the staff tried to sell a bit too much. We went early and there was a lady doing some paper work near the kitchen – the pro or considers themselves pro won’t do it: just looks and feels amateurish. The dining hall is fine, bathroom is clean. Like their water glass.


Jan 1 2017

New Year day at the park

@ the park


Dec 23 2016

Sangria 71, the 2nd time

We were there for the new year eve 2015… probably won’t try the third time?