Aug 9 2022

Savemore Market

The view from Diggery Inn
4219 Park Blvd
Oakland, CA 94602

A big neighborhood convenient store. It has pretty much everything, from garbage bags, wine, cold cut, eggs, fresh produce, although they don’t look all that fresh. You won’t save any pennies here -:).

Aug 4 2022

Diggery Inn

4212 Park Blvd
Oakland, CA 94602  

A very convenient spot for a quick fill. A salad and a glass of white, just what I wanted.

Both salad and wine are decent.

Street parking.

Aug 17 2021

My Lyft ordeal

A TOTAL fabrication: the Lyft driver who took me to SFO airport filed a damage claim of $80 against me. I contacted Lyft immediately, to which it replied: “At this time, your driver specifically identified you as the requesting passenger for a ride during which Interior Mess/animal biowaste occurred. I

Aug 16 2021

SFO, 2021

San Francisco, CA 94128

I’ve taken so many useless photos (8:24 and 8:27) but IF I were to take one more, inside of the Lyft car that delivered me to the airport, I won’t have to deal with the false damage charge from the unscrupulous driver and incompetent #Lyft.

The yoga room and … Brad Gilbert, and Jason Kidd: Bay Area sports hall of fame


Airport stores … it isn’t surprising that they charge 30% more: I took the wrong charging cable, so I need to buy one. $19.99 at Apple store, this the Scoop sells for $29.99. Oh well, $10 for convenience.


Aug 15 2021

Trader Joe’s

3250 Lakeshore Ave
Oakland, CA 94610

Lakeshore Avenue between Mandana Blvd and Lake Park Ave has many shops. I’ve been there a few times. I stopped by Lake Merritt to the west a few years ago.

It’s a walking distance, a little over a mile but much of it is downhill. After a few blocks, I called Uber. The neighborhood (Trestle Glen) north of Park Blvd is a little quaint. I’m surprised to hear the electrical buzzing sound from this dense area.


Aug 15 2021

Ichi Ramen 兴隆小馆

1230 El Camino Real
Ste P
San Bruno, CA 94066

This post is only about a few take out dishes: they’re great! Definitely will go there one day.

The string beans is done right and the shrimps are succulent. The tofu is soft and tasteful, so is the beef and white radish. Two kind of congees, with preserved egg and lean pork 皮蛋瘦肉粥 and fish: both are delicious, and the fish chunks are huge.

The lunch went well, except the sink problem at the community room.


Aug 14 2021

Purisima Creek Redwood

13184 Skyline Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94062

This has been the most challenging hike in my little walking life. We started and ended at north parking lot (13184 Skyline Blvd). The 9.7 mile loop has an elevation of ⇑2,828 ft and ⇓2,822 ft. For a newbie like me, I didn’t finish within the estimate time frame, 4:17. Many hikers in the group would easily beat this time.

The north parking lot at 13184 Skyline Blvd. was filled when we got there at about 8:15am but as we waited for the group, there were many hikers left and opening up a few parking spots. We went out and parked on the side of the road – make sure you park within the side line because a car got a ticket, with left two wheels out side of the side line. There is a bathroom for both genders. The reception is sporadic on the trail, and no dogs/bikes are allow but I do see dogs and bikes.


We started with the downhill path, which is to the left and climb up back at the end, from the other side.

Most of the loop is under the shade. The sunny park of the path could get very dusty, especially when you’re trailing behind. From the get go, I was lagging behind: to avoid being a vacuum cleaner, and the downhill is the killer: I dislike downhill very much.

We stopped at another parking lot for bathroom and water/snake break, after about 6 or 7 miles.


The last couple of miles are touch but manageable: I don’t mind climbing. A few fellow hikers are trying to finance my trip back … just joking. Thank you all!

The Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir

Aug 13 2021

Yung Kee, Oakland

888 Webster St
Oakland, CA 94607

This corner restaurant (Webster and 9th St) in Oakland Chinatown is desolated and they cheat.

In the afternoon, the entire Chinatown looks empty (I would learn later on from the locals that no one goes there anymore: a robbery a week is just too much to stomach … and less than $950 crime/offense committed has No Consequences in California ⇒ Google Proposition 47.) The diagonal crosswalk at the intersection recorded the former glory: how busy it was.

At 4pm, the restaurant was empty with one duck and two chickens hanging. I went in anyway, curious of its name. Yung Kee is a famous restaurant in Hong Kong that specializes in roast goose. Upon questioning their relation, the guy replied, “we’ve divorced.” My suspicion was, they just took the name and nothing more.

I ordered half duck and the last chunk of char siu (叉烧) BBQ pork, both cut into small pieces. When we got home and opened the container, there were very few pieces – the guy cheated on me. Whenever I go to Flushing, I always buy duck, and half duck filled the container to the brim. This container from Yung Kee is barely full but it has the duck AND the BBQ pork – missing a lot. If the missing pieces can help him to feed his family, so be it. The cheating part is confirmed by my cousin, “yes they do that indeed.” 

The taste of the duck is ok. The texture is loose and soft, whereas the New York is lean and tight. In any case, I won’t return, assume if they last much longer. 

The locals told me to go to Gum Kuo (388 9th St STE 182, Oakland, CA 94607), diagonal from Yung Kee, inside Pacific Renaissance Plaza. I saw it: lively, with many roasted chickens and duckies hanging by the window.  

More Chinatown pix


Aug 12 2021

Park Boulevard neighborhood

Park Blvd Manor
4135 Park Boulevard
Oakland, CA

This is area is nice and serene little stretch of the road, has Park Blvd Manor which is a retirement home and assisted living facility, with clean hallways and community room are well kept. and many cute shops. The manor has five stores with a small backyard, shared by the ground floor apartments and a balcony looking over the Park Blvd. I took walks at Dimond Park and Sausal Creek. Next door to the west is a Presbyterian church. A few steps to the east is a few nail salons, market, and Japanese and Italian restaurants.

In 2022

In 2021


Aug 12 2021

Marzano, Italian

4214 Park Blvd @ Glenfield Ave
Oakland, CA 94602

Love their windows, and high ceilings. Will return.

Passing by this corner restaurant (Park Blvd and Glenfield Ave) all the time whenever I come to visit. They have sidewalk dining on either side of streets.

I ordered two take out
– Spicy house fennel sausage pizza: great, will return for it!
– Orecchiette Lala Norma: ok, I feel it’s a little tasteless but my dad says: too salty. Must be the generation gap -:)