Jul 31 2022

Sushi Palace

148 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY

Won’t return.

I came here when it was another sushi restaurant, with plushy flower print chairs; then it changed owner, also Japanese. Sushi Palace is definitely the third or nth after the flower chairs. The first two were ok but this one is dark and depressing. The wait staff is unpleasant.

We ordered off the menu. The food is plenty and quality is ok. Just the atmosphere killed all. There were only three tables during lunch hours this Sunday, that included us. I paid attention to the sales tax, it’s 8.625%.

Gosh, Great Neck is going downhill.


Jul 30 2022

Xidan 西单, Beijing

By Aileen Wang

Jul 27 2022

SSA: social security admin

163 Mineola Blvd., 2/Fl
Mineola, NY 11501

Replacing a social security card is a breeze. The office is empty and two security guards are polite and helpful. No appointment is needed.

Street parking tho I think. Or a near by garage on First Street by Mineola Blvd. a block away.

Jul 24 2022

Kyuramen Noodles 九汤屋

38-35 Bell Blvd
Bayside, NY 11361

Won’t return

95 degree – a heat advisory day and their a/c is on strike. We stayed because of hunger and also the decor.

The lone girl at front desk is super busy – they need two people there.

The two ramen are good. Omirice – omelette or eggs over fried rice – is long on look short on taste. Okonomiyaki, had it better elsewhere.

As we’re waiting to pay, I discovered the sales tax has gone up to 8.875%. Thought was 8.625 before?

Wireless charging on the table – but don’t forget it.

Although I don’t drink sweet beverage at all but I think it would be a nice gesture for them to provide a free cold drink to everyone from their tea bar, due to broken a/c.

Street parking is easy to find – at 1pm on a Sunday.


Jul 22 2022

Seiji Ozawa Hall, 2022

Have pre drink before the concert at 8pm, swell.
A gorgeous day. The HallTanglewood is pretty full with many more on the lawn. Three pieces are performed, as if showcasing one violist, Victor Romanul who has 5 grow children.

  1. Augusta Read Thomas: Incantation for solo violin, by Victor Romanul
  2. Sebastian Currier: Night Time, for violin and harp, by Romanul and Jessica Zhou
  3. Brahms: String Quintet #2, by Romanul, Xin Ding, Daniel Getz, Mary Ferrillo and Michey Katz.

There isn’t a wiki page about Victor Romanul (and not every wiki article list the dob.) But I thought Seiji Hall generally showcases young musicians. Maybe Romanul is having a second life as Ax, which is great.


Another room/area for teaching? We didn’t stay because the piece they’re playing isn’t my cup of tea, and the Linde Center from Seiji Hall.

Jul 11 2022

Liberty Island

New York, NY

This small island of 14 acres in New York harbor, south of tip of Manhattan is well known for its famous resident, the lady liberty. The statue can be seen from many places in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

I’ve been to the island in 1994 successful and in 2017 unsuccessfully due to purchasing wrong tickets. City Experience is the official operator that takes you onto the island. They’re at Castle Clinton at the tip of Manhattan.

Going there


The island. It was known as Bedloe’s Island in the past. The famous resident Lady Liberty (a gift from French) was designed by sculptor Fr

Jul 10 2022

Taco Vista on Governors Island

140 Carder Rd
New York, NY 10004

Taco Vista is on Governors Island, very convenient locates to the ferry. We only have drinks, and leave after seeing the ferry emptied itself.

The city view is great but once sitting down, is blocked by the black wire fence.


Jul 10 2022

Liberty to South St Seaport

After three islands hopping in Manhattan, I turned right and went to the Seaport.

Pier 6

Pier 17

Jul 10 2022

The View @ The Battery

1 Battery Park
New York, NY 10004

It’s on a nice location in the Financial district, on the water between South and Liberty ferries, with indoor and outdoor seatings.

As we walked in at 1:04pm on a Sunday, the girl was on the phone with a potential party customer. She makes no acknowledgment and continues her slow conversation. Two women before us left. A hand signal to say ‘I see you’ could go a long way. I turn around and take a few photos. It’s full six minutes before she said, “I’ll call you back.” Behind us there are two groups of people.

The service is ok. One of the young kid looks very nervous and is more than eager to take my plate away when I still have eggs and bread in it and my friend has half plate of pasta (they didn’t provide her with a spoon, so she uses her fork against the knife…).

Food is ok 西红柿炒鸡蛋. Their glasses are nice. They have two or more floors. A wedding is underway.


Jul 10 2022

Governors Island

New York

The island was a military base, with 172 acres, 800 yards (732m) from tip of Manhattan. The short ferry ride takes 10 minutes, ground  to ground, and cost $4 round trip @ Beaux-Arts Battery Maritime Building (1909), east of South Ferry. Top floor is Cipriani‘s event space.

The island. We circled the island. There are many bicyclers (tri and quad), some are brought with them, many are rented on the island.