Jan 2 2022

Delaware Water Gap

Delaware Water Gap seems to stand for Poconos, for me anyway. Every time we go to the Poconos, we pass it on the interstate highway I-80. It’s the state line between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, cutting through the Appalachian mountains. My only camping was set on the Poconos by the Delaware River; and had numerous canoeing trips down the river. The following video is by the Arrow Island, east bound on Interstate highway I-80.

Jan 2 2022

Jim Thorpe, PA

A small town of 4,781 (census 2010) in PA.

Jim Thorpe (1887-1953) was the first Native American to win Olympics gold medal for the US, one in classic pentathlon and one in decathlon, in Stockholm in 1912. He was buried here. His birth: headstone says 1888 but the wiki page says 1887.

Some called this little town Switzerland of America for its scenery and architecture. Perhaps due to the weather, I failed to see the charm. The mountain may give a great foliage color in the autumn, but the town isn’t charming.


Jan 1 2022

Boulder Field 石场: water defeated rock

Lake Harmony, PA 18624

This rock garden @ Hickory Run State Park is amazing. It came from a single rock from over 20,000 years ago. When rain and snow found their way into small cracks, the one giant piece through gelifluction and frost heave broke into zillion small piece: water won the day and became what it’s now.

The expression rock solid should rephrase

水战胜石头的故事. Boulder Field 石场 来源于一块石头. 无缝不透的小雨弱雪找到了它的缝.长年累月的凝胶流和冻胀, 就变成了今天这个样子.

海枯石烂 是俗语 古语 还是事实? 看了这个 形容’不变心’需要新的词汇了. 新年功课

The wide field (400×1800 ft) of rocks is flat, and many people do hike here. … and the park would like to keep it flat: rock towers are NOT welcome.

Happy 2022 to ALL! One of the Pocono mountains’s wonders. Although today is rainy but below are two photos depicting a better weather:

Dec 31 2021

New Year eve dinner

The ten lobsters cost $260 from Center Seafood, a wholesaler on Center Street by Canal in Chinatown’s New York.

Dec 31 2021

NY to NJ to PA

NY to NJ to PA’s Lake Harmony

The last day of 2021. When I left, New York was sunshine, from Throggs Neck Bridge, Washington Bridge, GW Bridge, into New Jersey then, Poconos in PA in the early afternoon.

I-80 is a major highway but in New Jersey, it doesn’t provide rest stops off the highway. What’s more unthinkable: their gas stations are still manned, given the pandemic, they are not reducing unnecessary contact.

, it was froggy but pretty warm. Our house is on Lark Harmony. Unfortunately, three is no sunset to be seen. … NJ 80 has no stop


Dec 31 2021

Lake Harmony, PA

Kidder Township, Carbon County, PA

Lake Harmony in Pennsylvania is a small community, 2010 census counted only 718 residents. Many homes on the 2.5 miles shores are pretty costly: $500,000; and a few new homes are gearing toward AirBnB, as it’s only 108 miles from Grand Central station in New York.

The namesake lake is “originally known as Big Pond, Lake Harmony is a natural glacial lake with a dam. The two and a half mile long lake is privately owned by Lake Harmony Estates. Unlike its sister lake, Big Boulder Lake, power boats are allowed on Lake Harmony with plenty of boating, water skiing, and jet skiing.

The lake is shallow and the water is very clear. Can’t image the motorboats here.

Although many homes on Lake Drive (toward north) are grand but they are separate from the shore by the street – Lake Drive. Therefore, ‘private property‘ sign is seen every step of the way. My friend said, it’s necessary because in the summer, here is crazily busy, filled with vacationing families.

The house we stayed on South Lake Drive has a dock. It’s a few houses east of Split Rock Resort. Although weather is cloudy but it’s warm. The lake by the house is slightly frozen, which made kayaking impossible. But on New Year Day, the ice thaw a little, so I got to kayak.

A house w/a vu, on S Lake Drive


The trail on Lake Drive, northwest part of the lake where houses are separate from the shore by the street.