Apr 28 2022

Boppard 博帕德


Or Boppart, is a wine growing centre in the Rhine Gorge (upper Middle Rhine Valley), part of Bingen↔Koblenz 40 miles (65km) stretch that became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. (Many say till Bonn in the north.) The river Rhine makes its biggest bend here, adding some drama to the sleepy town.


博帕德是莱茵河中上游河谷的葡萄种植中心;是宾根↔科布伦茨 40 英里的一部分.于 2002 年成为联合国教科文组织世界遗产. 莱茵河最大的弯道在这里, 给沉睡的小镇增添了一点戏剧气氛.

From Frankfurt, the train ride is 1.15 hours (72 miles NW.


Apr 28 2022

KD riverboats

MS Asbach is a modern vessel that operates mostly on the romantic Middle Rhine. 

KD stands for K

Apr 28 2022

Sesselbahn Boppard


Apr 28 2022

Il Gusto @ Boppard

Rhineallee 34
56154 Boppard, Germany

After the Sesselbahn, I returned to the promenade, looking for a boat ride to Koblenz. The next departure is two hours away. The KD ticket agent is very talkative and recommended this one, “go have a lunch first.”

There are many hotels and restaurants along the promenade that runs along the busy Rhine with indoor and outdoor seatings. Commercial barges, river cruises, and even a bridge.

This restaurant‘s decor is nice, with pretty floor tiles. They’ve three areas: inside, balcony and by the river. I ordered a caesar salad and salmon. I was hungry but I wasn’t thinking either. When the salad came, did I realize, I couldn’t even finish this one. I ask the server if I could cancel the fish – my first time 眼大肚子小. He returned and said yes.

Wine and the Middle Rhine are inseparable, and there

Apr 27 2022

Darmstadt city library

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truncated post: another victim of Dream Host.

Apr 27 2022

Altstadtmuseum Hinkelsturm


Apr 27 2022

TU, Darmstadt  

Darmstadt, Germany

The Technische Universit

Apr 27 2022

Hochzeitsturm, Wedding Towner

Olbrichweg 11
64287 Darmstadt, Germany

The five fingers @ Mathildenh

Apr 27 2022


Marktpl. 2
64283 Darmstadt, Germany

This restaurant locates at the top floor of Henschel with indoor and outdoor seatings. The view is great: looking out to the Ernst-Ludwigs-Platz and the Marktplz / Market Place.


Apr 27 2022

Darmstadt Artists

Olbrichweg 11, 64287
Darmstadt, Germany

The artists