Apr 25 2016

Have you eaten yet?

Many people perhaps don’t know, in China, the greeting are or were not “How you doing” but “Have you eaten yet?” 吃了吗? Starvation seems a far distant past but I think many still remembered the terrible experience that they tend to over ordering now. Yes, I’d rather believe this habit is from the unforgettable past than nouveau riche.

These photos were a meal for ten people in Dalian, a seaport in northeast China – Liaoning province. One of the guests wrote that they didn’t even finish 1/3 of the food on the table.


I hate to have too much food on the table which always ruin my appetite – too much work! March 2016 in China, over ordering is still the trend. I just couldn’t persuade them to order less – if it’s not enough, we can always order more, right??? Once I gently mentioned this to my uncle, he shouted back,
“Order less? Then why do you even bother to invite people for dinner?”
I was speechless. The following meals during this March trip, could have fed an extra army:

  1. Northeast Cuisine 鹏城老北方酒楼
  2. A Japanese in Shanghai
  3. The Voyage of Pujiang 浦之舟
  4. JFL 聚福林 in Jinan
  5. Xihe 羲和雅苑烤鸭坊
  6. Dadong 大董
  7. Juqi 局气
  8. Yanmingyuan 宴铭园

And more …

Apr 25 2016

Ritz-Carlton Residences?

2016-04-25 (2)
The huge lot opposite from 3333 New Hyde Park Road is being built up recently. The project looks gigantic and ambitious. The lot is between LIE and NSP (Grand Central Pkwy in Queens). Is this the extension of the Ritz-Carlton Residences in North Hills (6000 Royal Ct, North Hills, NY 11040)? On the lot, there is the Bristal Assisted Living at North Hills.

image 2016-08-26 image image image

Apr 16 2016

A goose story

4.16 A mother goose is incubating, and the dad is guarding.

image image

4.23 The guarding dad is very relaxing, lingering near by.
IMG_8188 IMG_8170

4.30 They’re gone: the family with four new borns.

image image

Apr 13 2016

A pair of birds

IMG_1036 IMG_1038 IMG_1039 IMG_1043

Apr 12 2016

Central Park Zoo


Since 1860s. Who says USA doesn’t have history?

image image image image image image

Apr 12 2016

Cop Cot on a rock

This hut is on the east side of the park.

image image

Apr 12 2016

Bikers at Central Park

On the east side of the Park. Is the green roof building in the distant background, home to the eagle nest? Here is the blog from urban hawks 5th Avenue.

image image image image




Apr 12 2016

Plaza Food Hall

A food court at 59th and 5th @ Plaza Hotel in New York. William Greenberg desserts, English food (what do they have? …). Very clean bathroom!

image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Apr 12 2016

Pastoral @ Lincoln Center

Beethoven’s #6 symphony is one my faves. Every time listen to it, I could see the expansive grassland wavering, sheep and cows leisurely stroll the ground; hear the birds singing and feel the pleasure the natural has to offer.

image image image image

Don’t ask me how my friend sneaked in this delicious homemade sushi. Thanks!

image image

By the way, the oboist looks little unlike his picture in the playbill – are males more vain? His hair is receding …

Apr 12 2016

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

1071 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128

I haven’t been there in years. Right now, Swiss artists Peter Fischli (1952-) and David Weiss (1946-2012) how-to-work-better is on display. The Guggenheim Collection is permanent. Verbal descriptions.

image image image image image image image image

Ehher, the bathroom could have been done a little better, direction wise?

image image